The new controller from Sony

Sony filed in the US Patent office a request to the controller, which has a wonderful property to change the temperature during the game. In the application device is referred to as a»gaming device positioning with temperature feedback».

The controller can heat up when the player shoots, which will create simulated feelings in the hand of this weapon, which smokes and smells like death. The more shots, the warmer the device (there is a question: during a fierce firefight has a chance to burn their hands?). In the event of overheating, the weapon may fail, and the player will have to wait until the controller (and the weapons in the game) is cool.

Also, the controller may become hot in case when the enemy struck you, friend.

Rumor has it that the device can also give «unforgettable» a sense of involvement, which is a dubious achievement, considering that sometimes in games you need to shoot something really heavy.

The controller will help the player who loves quests and rpg. With the appearance in the visibility zone of the object, which you can take or apply on it another object, the controller will be slightly warm.

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