The mystery of the death of Gagarin has a chance on disclosure, 25.06.2013, Hyiuu7mq0iOpfWgok1NWjJshBEfo3q2B

As you know, the death of Gagarin surrounded by a halo of mystery and mysticism. If you do not know his background, you can look here in this article (it is necessary to be educated bro?).

So, from the article in the «Heroes» you probably know that the death of Gagarin is really very, very strange. An experienced pilot was flying at an altitude of 550 meters, which is undoubtedly very little. Finally, a friend of Gagarin, Alexei Leonov broke the silence and said it has reason to believe that the supersonic jet thrust aircraft Gagarin into a tailspin from which he couldn’t get out.

Military test aircraft, in which Yuri Gagarin made his last flight, was to fly at a distance of 5 kilometers from Earth, but not at the height of half a kilometer. This, of course,

smells of conspiracy. But perhaps the government simply could not admit that the hero on a national scale could make a mistake.

At the moment, the memories Leonova, state of the art technology and world class experts will fight over solving the mystery of the death of a great man.

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