The musical tastes of women depend on the menstrual cycle


Charles Darwin was the theory, according to which women were guided in the choice of sexual partner based on… of the music he plays. More complex and harmonious music were more strongly attracted to the weaker sex, forcing them to mate with the best of musicians. This theory had many critics, but I guess it is confirmed.

The research of Dr. Charlton affects almost 1500 women, average age 28 years. None of them were mothers, pregnant or taking hormonal contraception. Subjects were invited to undergo two experiments.

Women had to choose which of four thematically selected works for piano created by music software, was the most challenging and enjoyable. The tunes were from a few chords and a simple rhythm to the diversity and incredible complexity.

In the second experiment, women were asked was to choose from several photos of artists who supposedly created this music, for long-term relationship and the partner for the short-term. Based on personal preferences.

The results showed that short-term relationship girls who had or were about to begin menstruation, chose the musicians who played the most complex music. It is noteworthy that the complexity of the music girls better determined, when the time approached critical days.

This study shows that music evolved via sexual selection. How accurate they are or have a place to be, is not clear.

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