The most well-known films and their unexpected inspirations

The most well-known films and their unexpected inspirations

It was a’re watching your favorite movies, admiring the play of actors and incredible imagination and skill of the entire crew. But sometimes the Muse is inclined to Express themselves in a completely unexpected and strange images, and only a genius will be able to recognize it and create a true masterpiece, successfully taking advantage of the moment.

1. «Slow-Mo» scene from «Judge Dredd» and the song of Justin Bieber

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_RP8YuoYbCvykM«Judge Dredd» 2012, the year delighted the audience with a large number of bloody and brutal scenes of violence, as if someone blew the whale’s stomach and captured it all on film. The most violent moments of the murders happen after the main anti-heroes take a dose of the popular drug «Slo-Mo» that slows perception of time and fills the surrounding space with brilliant radiance. Further, the socket enters Judge Dredd and the most brutally breaking criminals high. And the sickening detail of dismemberment accompanied by beautiful music, as you would expect to hear from unconsolidated bare-ass naked cherubs, accompanying your dead ass in eternal peace.

Cosmically otherworldly track that compensate for (or complement) the bloody scenes, was based on Justin Bieber’s songs. Yes, the vile little rat, whom we all hate, without even knowing any of his songs. So, it all started with the fact that Paul Leonard-Morgan, composer of the film, showed a «rough» moments in the picture to his friend, Josh barrow – producer, musician and singer of Portishead. Then barrow said that «Slo-Mo» scene reminded him of one video on Youtube where the song Bieber’s «U Smile» was inhibited 800%, the result of which was an absolutely crazy, ethereal and dramatic melody. Leonard-Morgan has come to love it, and now we have what we have.

2. «American psycho» and the empty eyes of Tom cruise

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_JoyuaAp3S2Se4Few who have not seen this great film with the inimitable Christian bale in the lead role, where he plays a yuppie wall street since the eighties. The main objective of the protagonist is to mold himself from human form to disguise the madness, concealing the monster within his maniac soul. And to fully enter into the role, bale immersed himself in the darkest and most vile pits of human pain and suffering – the eyes of Tom cruise. The actor noticed that Tom’s face had always induced in him the feeling some cognitive dissonance, they say, such a broad, friendly smile and those blank cold eyes. So with the help of the chief Scientologist of Hollywood was born a perfect image of one of the psychopaths of the American cinema.


3. The baby Alien and inflamed intestines

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_2enIxpmZmHugIDan O’bannon, screenwriter of the cult film «Alien», at the time of creation of the movie suffered from long-lasting Crohn’s disease – painful inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. This sharp throbbing pain tortured him, as if foreign living creature, ready to rip his internal organs to chew my way to freedom. So was born ugly, but no less epic scene where baby-gradola ripped belly. As for herself, Crohn’s disease killed the writer in 2009.

4. Harris Glen Milstead («devine») as the prototype Ursula from the little Mermaid

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_ySsPgl7SlCkGgHarris, Glenn Milstead became a fixture of the counterculture of the 60-ies of Maryland due to its treshovym performances exclusively in provocative women’s clothes and makeup, to be envied by Sobchak. This character successfully made the acquaintance of filmmaker John waters is openly gay and advocate of gay rights who dubbed it nothing less than «divine.» In General, creative (and probably not only) the tandem of this couple spawned a few movies with «Divine» in the lead role, where the primary purpose of the Director was to remove the Hells films of modern cinema.


In «Pink flamingos» «devine» sells babies on the black market and heroin in elementary school, fucking with own brother (sex in the movie real brother – no), disembowels a live chicken and eating a dog turd (also really). In General, sir definitely knew his perversions, and became an icon of the underground at the time. Animators from Disney saw this as connoisseurs of men’s butts and dog poop on the perfect prototype for the sea witch Ursula and captured it forever in the cartoon «the little Mermaid».

5. The Millennium Falcon and a half-eaten sandwich

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_dIOOLEgin13utFamous ship plied the vastness of the universe of «Star wars», piloted by Han Solo and his companion Chewbacca, owes its appearance in this form, as we know it, half-eaten burgers… When the legendary concept artist Star wars Ralph Mcquarrie only began designing the layout of the Millennium Falcon, all of the many variations of sketches were made in the same style: long frame and some crap that sticks out from it. Lucas mercilessly condemned these sketches and somehow, apparently, greatly annoyed, went to fill their stomach with delicious food. He had no idea that he was destined to eat the most famous Burger in the history of science fiction. When Ralph saw Lucas play Booter for both cheeks, it dawned on me inspiration: to nagruzhennogo Burger he added space pieces and «cooked» the Millennium Falcon we know and love to this day. Well that Lucas was not a vegetarian, otherwise Han Solo would have stood at the helm solidariedade or kartofelnikova space ship.


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