The most striking festivals of the summer #2

In order to organize a great festival needs money, imagination and communication. Here and all science. In order to go to the festival, you just need to buy a ticket, and sometimes this does not need.

We continue to tell you about the upcoming festivals that sin to miss. Where to go yet June? How to spend money? Where to burn to the nearest 9-day period of time? All here.

Oh, Yes! Food!


Where: Moscow (and not only).

When: 11-12 June.

What to do in the Day of Russia? Of course, to go and plenty to eat from the belly, especially because admission is free. Where to go? For the festival «Oh, Yes! Food!» – Russia’s largest food festival. The main idea of the festival is to show the diversity of Russian cuisine and to give the newcomers the opportunity to showcase their unique designs.

Under the slogan «made in Russia» representatives of promising startups and successful holdings, the organizers of the projects strictum and products for fans of a healthy lifestyle, the owners of farms from all over the country, top chef, authoritative critics, famous bloggers and other industry experts can boast of before the public their abilities.

«Oh, Yes! Food!» – more like a holiday: not a huge wedding, not fair. Around the food and entertainment of all conceivable and inconceivable types, foodcourts, useful master classes from chefs, cooking contests famous chefs, a summer cinema, a thematic library and much more. And what is food without music? Under the chords and bits of the food is digested twice as good. Therefore, all two days you will be entertained acai Pasha Kravtsov, ST, Krichever, Konstantin Potapov, Oleg Cargo, Veniamin Borisov, ARS Pegasus, Nastya Kirichenko (who are these people???) and many others.

But if you do not live in Moscow, what now? It’s nonsense, you just need to wait because the fest will be a culinary procession across Russia and Belarus piece. Remember: June 18-19 – Yekaterinburg, July 2-3, Nizhny Novgorod, July 23-24 – Petersburg, August 20-21 – Abrau-Dyurso, 27-28 August – Minsk. Good musicians are guaranteed in Yekaterinburg, for example, will be «Aloe Vera».

Medieval tale. Battle for Wesnoth


Where: Vyborg.

When: 11-13 June.

Guests enjoy a full immersion in the fantasy of Westeros with an equestrian tournament, the siege of the harbour and called the fire show!

The popularity of «Game of thrones» on such a scale that the events from the book Martin is involuntarily perceived not only as real events. A fest dedicated to the Saga, not new, but this year came out at a much higher level. Therefore, in the framework of the fourth festival «Medieval tale. Battle for the throne» can be seen as the Lannisters beat the Starks and the Ironborn will get to everyone, even to the dothraki. And all of this can not just enjoy, but even to participate.

Where to hold the festival with knights and dragons? Of course, in the castle. The locks we have, in Vyborg, in the territory of the Annenskaya fortifications. The entourage of the ancient fortifications will be the perfect backdrop for tent camping with interactive Museum, and spectacular mass battles. The program of the festival: knights ‘ equestrian tournament, the assault on the unassailable king’s landing with the use of these siege weapons, performances of archers, medieval music and dances, a mini-zoo and zoo, a fire show with dragon (but how?), fair, performances by minstrels and glorious group «Troll Gnet El». If you’re a cosplayer and will appear in a shining armor riding on a frisky mule, you will receive a discount on ticket 50%. Host the most memorable image will get a prize! By the way, the tickets are very affordable: 600 – adult ticket; 300 – children (under 12 years); children under 6 are free.

That’s just not necessary to shout that we warned you! We do not need this! 3 days festival is coming, want – will come. Not, I’ll wait for another. However, there is not a westerosi-themed…

ahmad tea music festival


Where: Moscow.

When: June 18.

One of the most anticipated festivals of the summer. And this even though not the largest guest list. The secret to this fest? In good, select «Turkey». Here come her Majesty Polly J. Harvey, steadily reduced the name initials. Probably the main woman in the world of modern rock music will be a key event of the festival Ahmad Tea Music Festival. From year to year she becomes more beautiful, and her music is better and wiser. But it is not necessary to perceive the festival as Harvey concert. After all, it is a festival of British culture in the heart of the Russian capital. In addition to the front-woman, on the stage will leave its mark The Maccabees and Django Django.

The organizers call their tea festival «one-day literary festival under the open sky». So everyone is waiting for refinement of the English literary salons interspersed with musical drive. To see this clearly is because the festival has such support, but because you can see PJ Harvey for only 1000 rubles.

Geek Picnic-2016


Where: Moscow.

When: June 18-19.

So, the topic of Geek Picnic 2016 – «Mythbusters». The name already speaks for itself, and you know who graced the Park Kolomenskoye? Well, it’s that simple. Mr. «use C4», honored walrus whisker UK, the great and terrible Jamie hyneman, one of the leading legendary TV show «Mythbusters». You will have the opportunity to personally thank him for that because their gear no longer afraid of explosions and fire. But at the same time Jamie would destroy all that did not manage to destroy the transmission.

In two days you’ll have a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and at the same time smartly to have fun with like-minded people. The fest will feature three educational area «Technology», «Science», «Arts» and recreation area «picnic», which will become familiar as the theme of virtual reality, huge robots, 3D printers, setup, and tear the veils of mystery and ignorance lectures from the most prominent popularizers of science and art specialists. You can even go hot air ballooning, shooting from a catapult and make a RAID to the food court. In General, it will be interesting even to the Humanities. Hurry up, tickets can be booked.



Where: Moscow.

When: June 18.

Laser and dance music during a heat wave. Aphrodisiac for lovers of electronic music. Founded by brothers Duncan and miles Stutterheim the Sensation until 2005 was held exclusively in Amsterdam, but this is the second time one of the main European e-events will get to Moscow. Although many believe that it is the place of the fest solely to Peter, but Peter did not before, they have problems with bridges.

The diocese White-iteration remain house, trance. Representatives of these areas from different countries will gather on June 18 at the arena «Olympic» to give magical light and music burlesque show with the highest international standards. One night room transformirovalsya in a kind of amusement Park for adults: in the Central part will set the scene-the carousel, the whole entourage will resemble the atmosphere of the old circus. The decks will be recognized masters: a permanent resident of the festival Mr White, a Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies, the Dutch team Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Swedish remixer Steve Angello, Melbourne Duo Nervo and one of the most popular and influential producers in the world of dance music – Dutchman Sander van Doorn, who already played at Sensation in Russia four years ago. The dress code of the festival is traditionally white. In a similar vein will be issued and the sports complex «Olympic», which will host the main dance-rave Jun. Just bear in mind that tickets vary, or rather ranged from 3,500 to 12,000, thank God, rubles.



Where: Moscow.

When: June 19.

20 years Maxidrom with varying degrees of success lured into their clutches lovers of rock music. 20 years, he was full of persons, whose music forms the image of the modern world and alternative rock scene, the name was boring and uninteresting teams. Lost to antiquity «maksidrom» other fests in popularity, has lost its former power radio «Maximum» and forgotten is where in the end a creepy voice said the name of the festival, and in the end, «Russian Woodstock», as they called the fest organizers, repeated the fate of the original Woodstock. In 2013, shining Bristles Jared Leto and painted eyes Ville Valo, he stopped. It seemed that forever, but after three years of lull, this Grand music summit returns to Moscow from traditionally powerful line-up in the new format of the city holiday. Hundreds of rabid fans of rock music will trample the «Open arena» and shake goats and hire under native Germans from Rammstein, which we all managed to miss, enjoy under the fashionable British indie rockers Editors and remember the glorious 2001 and has sunk into oblivion MTV’s unforgettable «Butterfly» exhausted from lack of money Crazy Town. Will Vadim Samoilov, who lit the first Maxidrom, Anacondaz, Animal Jazz. Even Sergey Mezentsev in the way Dj Oguretz, but without «Reutov TV».

For the first time the festival will not just be a series of performances of the rockers, and festive event with lots of entertainment venues, among which the sports arena, food courts, small stage Plaza Stage, dance tent and more. Pay 3500 rubles and enjoy a feast of the spirit.