The most inappropriate questions for a first date

The most inappropriate questions for a first date

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2014_1FC8uoZSq3DKNFirst date — a strategically important event, which affects all. You’re putting the possibility of a future relationship, and your enemy in this game yourself. Very often people do go their way, do everything to spoil themselves as a result remain with nothing, blaming this failure unfortunate friend, destiny, genes, and magnetic storms. No, dude, if you fuck up, you’re to blame. For example, if you put a wrong and uncomfortable questions that you don’t like any girl. Now we will call them to you once and for all remembered and more did not put.

How old are you exactly?

You what is the accuracy of answer? To a month? To weeks? Until the day? You can see that it is not fifteen, and not forty, so very worried about the age makes no sense. You know she’s going to school or working — and this still further reduces the estimated age range. Wait a bit with accuracy, otherwise the side will look bad, though I suspect that she’s trying to trick you. Relative to what? The fact that she was actually sixty?

Tell me more about his work

You are now resting. It is clear that work is a safe topic of conversation. You can ask her what she’s doing, but not necessary detailed inquiries. In his spare time, people usually want to forget about the daily routine, relax and nice to talk to, not to mention that always freaks them out and deprives the rest. Don’t plunge it in stress.

Tell me about your last relationship

This is probably the most vexing question. It is equally unpleasant for her friends, whose relationship has just ended, and for those who have not had a boyfriend. You will confuse her, and she frantically starts to pick up streamlined phrases. You know, what impression will make it is the question? Like you’re insensitive, short-sighted or went out for the first time.

Why did you break up?

I think she is eager to explain something almost stranger? To go into details, to vent and to cry, what the hell? Are you suggesting his despair, though rather thick hint: if you want to take note that in the future not to make the same mistakes. Hold your tongue. One day she will tell you everything — later. And you don’t even have to risk their uncertain status.

You love sex?

Obviously, most people enjoy it. Women including. However, the majority of them are not so open to talk about it on the first date. This is a personal topic, and you seem pressured and also show that you are interested in only one thing. You’re on a date! If only want sex, than you should go to a club and hook up with some girl for one night?

How much do you want children?

It’s too much. The impression that you have developed a questionnaire and now in turn read out paragraphs to indicate an answer. Then you will analyze the amount of data and decide whether to deal with it. Maybe you and your children will not? While this «may» essentially equal to «likely». Another would be soon married called.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

She in the interview? She auditioned for the position of CEO? Or do you secretly dream about how you’ll be sitting in the posh leather chair, and come into the office one after another to invite the candidates to your friends? You can ask them questions, to listen carefully, to offer tea and coffee making facilities and release to the world?

How many men have you had?

Are you a doctor? You’re a psychologist? You, in the end, her mother? No. Three times not. That is, of course, you can be a doctor and a psychologist, but she is sitting with you at the reception. This is a very special moment, which it is better not to discuss, not only now but also in principle. Why do you need to know about it?

I’ll tell you about my ex?

This is what you need to avoid as much as possible harder. So you wanted to manipulate it and appear alpha samcom7 now, there are more decent ways.

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