The most important exercises in the men’s training

The most important exercises in the men’s training

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2014_sg3yi2UhStIY6All choose the sport of your liking. Some people prefer weightlifting, someone circuit training, someone splits, someone loves cardio in the form of Jogging, skipping ropes or large, and someone does all in a row for health. But if you went to the gym and don’t really know what to do and what exercises to include in your training, then this article is especially for you. It will be useful to all dudes that ever visited the gym and plan to visit in the future. Most of these exercises need is vital in any training. Despite the proud title, clean masthaven no exercise except the deadlift, squats and bench press. Everything else — quality, integrated exercises that can be something to replace.

1. Deadlifts

My big and probably the most favorite exercise. The deadlift is called the Queen of weightlifting, which is quite logical. It affects all major muscle groups, making it an ideal complex exercise. Different types of deadlift involves a huge number of muscles, pumped certain areas more than others. Any deadlift increases the amount of testosterone in the body and burn huge amount of calories. Recommend training different types of exercises to more fully swing different muscle groups. If you’re new to lifting weights, do deadlifts in the Smith machine with low weight, hone your skills. Never give up on the deadlift. First, it will be difficult, but it’s worth it, trust me.

2. Deep squats


As they say, if you don’t squat deep, you don’t even squat. In the same way as in the deadlift, this exercise works the most important muscle groups. One of the best exercises for legs. Despite my sincere love for the class, I recognize that a deep squat is better. Skip the leg exercises, because you think that your feet look just fine and they have enough load with cardio, really stupid. On the contrary, these exercises will make your legs stronger.

3. Bench press

Almost the perfect exercise for the upper body. Great works the triceps, shoulders and chest muscles. After several months of bench press with weight increase even at the last zadohlika have strong, muscular hills. There are many types of bench press that it would be good to include in every training, to shift the emphasis on certain muscles.

4. Romanian deadlift with dumbbells


Essentially the same as the deadlift, only with dumbbells and in reverse order. She’s a well pumps lower back and making your buttocks are strong. The exercise is suitable for women and will be helpful in lifting heavy weights. In addition, Romanian deadlifts qualitatively expands the bottom surface of the thighs and hamstrings. Can be done with a barbell though so the load is slightly shifted.

5. Rocking the weights


A great combo exercise for shoulders and legs. Such a mix of deadlift and exercises on the shoulders. With bent legs, you swing the kettlebell held with both hands, from a position between the legs to position at eye level.

6. Pullups


If you can’t catch up even once, you need to use a special gym trainer for pull-UPS. If you can’t do that, here’s an article that lists the most common mistakes in pulling. This exercise is perfectly working arms, shoulders, chest and partially affected the press.

7. Walking with heavy dumbbells


Weight lifting in itself is useful. You need to be strong enough to carry very heavy weights. Take the maximum weight of heavy dumbbells-barrels, which can raise (that they almost fell out of hands and briskly moved around the room for 30 seconds. Then rest and repeat again. After these sessions your forearms will be on fire for several days. Your weight for all exercises for the upper body will grow much faster if you’re going once a week to perform five approaches of this walk, which Americans for some reason call «farmer’s walk».

8. The leg extension with fitball


A more masculine version of the women’s exercises, «the rise of the pelvis with delay.»

The whole point is the time balance, which you have to stay on the fitball. Well considering not only lower back, but and legs and press.

9. Pushups with sospendere


Many dudes seem interesting and useful such garter-suspender that keep the body in a certain position. In some halls, there are gymnastic rings — a reminder of the Soviet school. Suspender allow you to more fully use the capabilities of its own weight and learn to control it. Push-UPS with the help of suspenders as wiring, will help you to improve your balance, become stronger and more fully use the capabilities of its own weight.

10. Pull the bar to your chest from a prone position


This exercise can be done at a street bar, with garter-suspendare, gymnastic rings, and also on the Smith machine, lowering the neck to the desired level. It is believed that exercise is excellent strengthens the muscle imbalance is when one hand you have developed clearly better than the other. This trouble is corrected especially well if you do exercise on suspender or rings.

Someone makes something similar at a sufficiently high horizontal bar, in limbo, but it’s advanced level.

11. Soldiers bench


Probably the best exercise for leveling the shoulder girdle. Of course, if you want to pump up each individual beam deltas and pull backward, you can include bench press Arnold, thrust to the chin and bench press dumbbells from the shoulders, but the soldiers ‘ bench is still a great exercise. It allows you to take more substantial weight than, say, speculation and broaches. Which means more growth and power. The soldiers ‘ press involves the triceps, chest muscles, abdominal muscles also participate in work.

The exercise is performed in both standing and sitting. Sitting safer and less temptation citerate. The movement turns cleaner. But I, for one, do standing, because you can bunganut on the last reps, when harvesting is unbearable and use a slow negative phase for a better muscle pump.

The correct execution of this exercise see this article.

12. The rise of the pelvis with a barbell on my stomach


Instead of rods you can use pancake. It is much more convenient. Raise the pelvis as high as possible, and at the top squeeze your buttocks. Integrated exercise: rocking the bottom surface of the thighs, abs, lower back and buttocks.

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