The most beautiful places in the world that are worth a visit

The most beautiful places in the world that are worth a visit

Sitting in a stuffy office, doing monotonous work day in and day, or fall asleep on a couple of boring speeches of the lecturer? Distract yourself, a friend, and be with us a fascinating tour of the most beautiful places in the world. Let this be a virtual tour, but maybe it will further inspire you on a real trip to Maldives or Norway, well, or wherever you call soul.

Of course, on our planet a lot of places, the beauty of which freezes the spirit, but in order to visit them all, unfortunately, not enough of a lifetime. And to talk about everything, we also do not undertake,but will teach you about seven such great and unprecedented scabies.

So we open our virtual journey from the Turks and Caicos Islands, located in the Bahama chain in the Caribbean sea. These Islands are well known for its resorts, and annually attract large number of tourists. Dry and Sunny, tropical climate promotes relaxation. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 33 ° C and in winter seldom falls below 18 ° C.



Another place definitely worth a visit, and which is rightly called one of the most beautiful places in the world is Thailand and its Islands of Koh Phi Phi. This area of resorts with white sand beaches, for those who like a secluded getaway. This is one of the favorite destinations of divers. He was also chosen by the couple, and for good reason, the honeymoon spent in one of the most beautiful places in the world will be remembered for a lifetime.



Next, we travel to Australia, and it is on the beach Turimetta, which runs along the Pacific coast from Sydney harbour to broken Bay. Although the bottom is very rocky, making not the most pleasant swimming in the sea, but the place is very picturesque, besides few people and lots of nature, which is especially valuable for the weary city dweller. And the beauty of this beach does not fade with the arrival of autumn and winter, all year round there is plenty to admire.




Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth, here and mountain and desert and the coast, two oceans and a great variety of wildlife. Of course a trip to Africa is something special and unusual. Prepare for it thoroughly, but bright and unforgettable impressions will remain for a lifetime. And few of your friends that friend, can boast that it was in Africa.




Fans of ski holidays, and not only them, you should definitely visit Norway. Mighty mountains and glaciers will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourists. The views here are truly magical, they fascinate for a long time remain in memory.




New Zealand has long attracted tourists, and is known for the variety of beautiful places in the world — geysers, glaciers and beaches, mountains and lakes, forests and caves. And all the beauty preserved in its original form.




And we finish today’s virtual tour of the most beautiful places in the world on the azure coast of the Maldives. This is a fabulously beautiful place attracts fans of exotic rest. Unique landscapes, white sand, nice waves, beautiful water world is to list the unprecedented beauty of the Maldives can be infinite, but it is better to see once. And if you were lucky enough to visit the Maldives, you’ll want to come back. At least those of them who have already been there, plan again to go to the Maldives.

The Maldives



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