The mistakes we make when you meet Internet


To learn on the Internet is one of the ways to know that the person at the stage of frustration in their own confidence to find a normal girl. Or is he not able to find the girl more or less habitual ways type of Dating in circles of friends, on the street, in bars or other places. The next stage of complete frustration in my life, in my experience, there is an interest in pick-up and trainings of personal growth, but the article is not about that.

Almost all profiles on the Dating sites suck. Seriously, man, I had a period when I climbed on all sorts of lavplanet to neighing. My life did not write as many pairs of strange girls and other freaks. When someone tries to stand out from the crowd, often it looks incredibly pathetic. They write meaningless poems, sculpt heaps of interests, lead a lengthy blogs, and everything to show that they are special, incredible and deserve attention. So how to distinguish yourself on the common background and not to look shabby? Today I will tell you about it. But I still recommend not to give up and look somewhere else.

1. Your photos blurry/ out of focus/ you’re with other people

These tips you have heard many times, but looking at the page is one Dating site which I cannot name because of involuntary advertising, I can confidently say that this advice almost no one goes. If the photo is bad, don’t use it. If it’s blurry samiot where you have a sad face and double chin (because you took a picture), do not use it! Also don’t use photos in which I did not really understand. For example, those where you are dressed in shapeless clothes, photographed in profile or pictures in your significant part of the body. Photos «I’m going somewhere, turned back to camera», can involve only spiritually wealthy virgins and young girls. Normal girls who sometimes look down on Dating sites (more likely to laugh), they make you want to puke.

Do not put avatars of other people, famous actors or meaningful funny pictures. First, a questionnaire to open one will not, except for perverts. Secondly, it is nonsense. If you’re surrounded by crowds of friends, it is also a bad idea. You would have a picture of the class or groups attached with the caption «I’m third from the right».

You’re ugly, dull, boring or completely desperate? In any case, why do you put avatars on this?

2. You talk too much about feelings but not about business

It’s not a date and not a debate of the deputies. It is not necessary to pay much attention to multi-compound sentences and complex texts tell us about their attitude to some issues, their interests and about what you do. When you SPECIFICALLY say that you love something SPECIFIC, it becomes much easier. So you can weed out those who don’t fit, and go directly to new applicants. When a girl tell you that she loves cats but doesn’t like dogs, it can be a lot to say. The best way to get rid of a girl is to talk to your first online correspondence yet without Dating about politics, about your vision of the meaning of life and understanding of art. To understand, whether you talk to a girl about something and determine whether it is a pompous fool, just find out what books she reads, what movies look and how to get involved in life. On a first date, so I can discuss the concept of Carl Gustav Jung, Freud, and thoughts on how we could improve Russia.

3. You lie almost all

If you don’t like some thing, and it is strong, don’t lie that you like her: it only gets worse. If you don’t like long walks or Hiking, and the girl will call you on weekend to go to the mountains the truth is quickly revealed. I understand that you want to show yourself just the man she waited for all his life and who does not like video games, beer, lying on the couch and even runs a charity. Plus, if you’re looking for something less serious, you should have a semblance of common interests. How often do I see in the museums and galleries of couples who are surprised to view the paintings on the wall, because they once lied, that love art. Do not be so!

4. You meet the people with whom you have no desire to correspond

Save your time. It is clear that you love, when you writes a lot of girls who likes your pictures and literally lick you from head to toe. By the way, it makes sense to think about why you girls are so praised, maybe they are not okay with self-esteem, no? Worst of all, if you not only said ugly strange girl who wrote to you and now writes every minute, but still decided to go on a date with her. Body language is totally invalid, so it is difficult to understand that you’re only doing this out of pity. After the meeting, when the girl will not see you enthusiasm in the eyes, and so little self-esteem fall through the floor.

If you’re not as attractive as your picture or how the girl who wrote to you, but in life you fat unwashed from Ivanovo admin, you got. Does not make sense to run to the store to pick up the best clothes and promptly enroll in the gym: when you first meet her, perhaps waiting for a huge bummer. There are two logical question: what for you put your picture and why don’t you care about your appearance beforehand?

If you want to just meet, drink, talk, and then return home as if nothing had happened and continue life as if you never met, I assure you that the residue remains. In my deep youth Internet card (I was 17-18) I posted on a Dating site a very good a picture of yourself where I was shaped into Brad pitt in his best years. When I went on a date with one leggy beauty, I saw in her face the seal of a flaming disappointment. She told me that she is disappointed. I was not that sad, but very unpleasant.

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