The mess that unites people… With HTC, of course

The company HTC does not get tired to position itself as a company that follows the fashion and chasing the best design. Therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the company decided to participate in the exhibition of contemporary art, no.

Dude-artist under the pseudonym ATMA came up with the present performance, where it was possible to use the themes of friendship, brotherhood, love for blacks and white women, and where it would be logical to put devices from HTC.

The sculpture represents a huge heart made of phones HTC, LEDs, and USB cables. Among the devices were observed: HTC One X and TITAN, top smartphones. The sculpture itself got the name Bedlam Beat.

The message in the work is quite specific: modern technologies connect people to each other and almost as important as the heart in the human body.

For me, the other guys are right really, think?

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