The mechanism of the men’s arms


Strong, hearty handshake is the usual gesture for men to greet each other. But when men have friendly relations, the appropriate greeting is getting hugs. But some Bros are afraid of men’s arms of any kind, because it is for those dudes is somehow not manly. But if done correctly, men can hug each other without questioning their masculinity.

Give advice how to do it:

Unfortunately, not all men know and understand proper Protocol embrace with another person. As concluding remarks, say that some men try, but don’t know how to do it right and where is the limit of this is correct. Luckily, we report that the intermediate phase between the handshake and the bear hug-a hug: it’s just a hug. However, American men who love to cuddle have developed some unwritten rules that allow men to hug each other without any «Musi-pusi»: man to man!

How to cuddle?

1. Start with a traditional firm handshake.

2. Keep your hands tight with the hands of man and put your arm around the shoulder of your friend.

3. Splash your friend on the back twice. Answer cotton is the key. Anyway cotton on the back your friend makes the hug more manly.

4. Finally release each other from the embrace.

When properly hug a man?

Arms are not for every person, with whom you work or the will of fate meet. It carries a certain intimacy that should be saved for close friends and family.

If you try to mark the arms of a new acquaintance, then you probably congratulate a uncomfortable. However, if you’ve been acquainted with a man, then as a parting embrace can be a great and acceptable gesture. The fact that the arms in men is a special gesture for greetings and farewells. Or for greetings, but only very close people.

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