The Maverick… who strives to be like everyone else

manygoodtips.com_4.04.2014_gqoE6GNIAdHGPWe all talk about individuality. We all believe that we are unique, with their own pluses and minuses, with its exceptional features that are not available anywhere else in the world. This is not so. This opinion is a common self-deception, a sort of half-truth. So, we’re… different from other people. Of phenotype on genotype for the traits of and some cosmetic characteristics, for example, love of M&M’s with nuts or without nuts. We all talk about the need not to listen to anyone, not to follow the crowd, to listen to your heart, but it does not work. All depend on society, it’s fucking unpleasant fact. The less you rely on other people’s opinion in the choice of favorite food, clothing, and important life decisions; the more you remain unconvinced, when everything changed you; the more spontaneous you are, the more you have the right to be called personality. However, all this too can be faked. It is important that you had a spontaneity, that is not the desire to do stupid things and go on about their desires, and more than a little childlike. It is also important that you have not changed your opinion in favor of the majority, which under the influence of, for example, the situation in Crimea has dramatically changed his political views. Always decide for yourself. Do on your own. However, this Parliament won’t affect you if you’re sure that nothing in forces to influence you and change your notorious personality. Today we will determine whether this is so.

1. You never followed fashion trends… just all around started with you

We love beards. The beard makes the man. Although let’s be honest: not everyone. Suddenly I realized, dudes, grow a beard, circle a little more than dofiga. This harsh comrades, whom the beard goes, and assorted hipsters, whose watery teenage hairs are more like women’s «mustache». Look, I know that guy grew a beard. Life was shaving, and then suddenly started to grow. His beard adorns. Why, I ask, has grown a beard. He says he wanted. And why had he never had the slightest desire to grow something on your face and shave it to blue? «Somehow hands did not reach!»

People are exposed to fashion. Especially those who believe in their own exceptionalism. They convince themselves that decided to grow a beard or to buy trendy clothes because I want to change the style, and he went. Those who don’t care about fashion and public opinion, always wear what they like. Their attempts to change the way intersect with fashion in some detail.

2. You are not able to Express their thoughts… its all the same nobody will listen

Why do you believe that your opinion does not matter. It is worth noting that it happens often, but if you speak all, speak you. Don’t turn someone else’s opinion over his own. However, to determine the identity of thought is sometimes almost impossible.

3. You have no confidence, you’re constantly asking yourself questions, the answer to which is no

You may never admit it, but in the hierarchy of their authority you never been in a leading position. You’re absolutely not sure that you can to do something, so you allow others to decide for themselves. No attempt to independently make a decision you do because I think you have little experience and information. At least try, no?

4. Do you care what other people think about you. Especially in the «like/dislike»

There are dudes who never admit that they are worried about someone else’s opinion about their precious person. Why? Yes, because to think about someone else’s opinion, as we learned, the unworthy. But when one of them learns that the man thinks badly of them, they are very upset and begin a long and tedious soul-searching. Say what you think about the opinion of people is the key: if too many people think you’re shit, not about whether it is correct? Nobody likes faggots, it’s not a sign of alpha santovetti, it is quite another!

5. You’re not looking for new things, you are copying the fashion

Each has long sought something for everyone and began to enjoy it. You choose a hobby from those now fashionable. Ten years ago, to drive someone to the gym it was unreal: there the vile glands and sweaty men! Now rocking Packed to capacity because:


Such great dudes, too, began to admire, when it became pretty damn fashionable. The same applies to Board games, and other fashion fads. Moreover, people with Hobbies you don’t understand, become in your eyes crazy geeks: see, the man makes the watch, he had to buy them myself can’t? But if you do watch will be a fashionable hobby, you abruptly change your mind and be very aggressive (condescending or exponential ) to relate to what you are asking, why are you so abruptly changed opinion on this matter. Since I am still the one I know very well whereof I speak. Previously, they were surprised that I’ve found in games, comics and swings, and now they say that I have done, take care of themselves, are addicted to something cool. They never understood my fascination nastolki and «D&D» now enjoys playing Board games, but role playing games for them is still kind of crap. But if in the near future will come the fashion. they with the same enthusiasm begins to comprehend the basics of numbers and systems, forgetting that previously was thought to be complete nonsense. Amazing change, and all because of the social approval.

6. You don’t understand what it means to be one

Loneliness and solitude for you always words with a negative value. Loneliness is crushed walls, decay and despair. What nonsense is this, man? Such an attitude towards leisure and the life of one is a sign of people who are dependent on companies in the terminal stage. A normal person and one bad, and two or in company is also good, but different.

7. You always need other people’s advice

Is it so difficult to do what you want for yourself? Oh, finally himself: espresso, Americano!

8. To listen to the opinions of others, but to forget about your own

For you there’s only one priority — someone else’s idea. Other people know better! In fairness, I note that sometimes others really know better because of experience or specific knowledge.

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