The mask for skiers

Dude, remember there are all sorts of spy Thriller where the main characters have such multifunctional glasses, which do not show the amount of health along with the color underwear of enemies.

The American company Oakley invented a special mask for skiers, which can help them to retrieve information and also will make you feel like James bond or Tom cruise.

Oakley Airwave will allow the user to obtain information about height, speed, weather, distance. Before you had to stop and check appropriate equipment, and now — just enough to squint at the small screen on the right side of the device. Convenient.

Of course, the mask can connect to a smartphone. While it only supports devices with iOS or Android, for Windows the conversation is not conducted. Fusion happens via Bluetooth. It will also help you to listen to tunes, to see what song is playing and how much she will play.

Also on the mask set fun Buddy that will find for you all the people in similar masks a certain radius. So you can see who else wants to feel like a superspy on skis.

Scrolling various data, and the control device is carried out using the remote that clings to your wrist.

Cost of the device will be around $ 600. Don’t know whether it is their money.

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