The man had served 50 years for pork ribs

The man had served 50 years for pork ribs


If you think the offence can be put only in the harsh Eastern countries, you are sadly mistaken, because this story happened not somewhere, and in America. Cool, huh? But about all under the order. Willie Smith ward, forty-three years old, broke into a grocery store in the city with the sonorous name Waco is in Texas, and, threatening the seller with a knife, demanded… a bag of pork ribs worth $ 35. Quite hunger tortured, apparently, or his girlfriend a vegetarian? It is not clear. In short, our hero got caught, and now he shines, how much would you think?.. fifty years!

While you’re going to write a malicious review, we will save you time and explain everything. The fact is that our hero and so did a lot of crimes of various kinds. On account of his burglary, robbery, aggravated assault. The jury already tired of giving our hero a second chance (at this point he was just on parole) — now he will have to serve a lot at once.

Something, it seems to us that this is the second Bronson, guys.

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