The man arranged his own kidnapping, but it all went wrong


This story will make many people to think of a good Coen brothers movie «Fargo.» There is organized a fake kidnapping and not the result expected by the criminals.

25-year-old Zachary, Longson from Tennessee needed money for drugs. Its means he had: the young man was a parasite on his mother. The mother of a drug addict long ago learned about all of his tricks, which he tried to entice her money, and did not succumb to provocations.

Longson knew that this time he can’t get to the money, so he decided to organize his own kidnapping. His head virtual thugs demanded… $ 200. Of course, the mother of Zachary understood at once that here something is not pure, that is why she called the police, although the son told her not to do it.

The woman agreed to leave the money at a prearranged location, followed by the police. Pick up a bag of money came out alive and well Zachary, who was immediately detained. For organizing the kidnapping addict Longson faces three years in prison and a fine of $3,500.

Mrs. Langston not for a moment believe the son because he was trying to lure her to the dose in the same way previously. Zachary’s mother did not hide that wanted to get rid of a drug addict son.

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