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Friends, a short question from a music lover: why Russian music is GOV***sche? (Sorry, no other word I picked up…) With pleasure would read your view of the situation in the article on BD. Probably a lot of people asked that question, and he, apparently, ambiguous. Thank you!


One, the answer is unlikely to be short. He must understand, the topic is very complex, as they say, without hundred grams won’t understand. However, we will try. Moreover, we all are somehow connected with music and play various instruments. As you know, our editor in chief was a pianist on a whaling ship (and it’s true). Creator played the maracas in the fourth composition «Aria», and the Manager is cut off a chicken’s head at a concert of Alice Cooper. The author himself, playing the banjo and the harp, and took part in the recording of the legendary album of Vladimir Asmolov «Rubber woman.» If you don’t know what it was about, study the classics.

And so, when we caught up with themselves authority, let’s look at what has become of music in Russia. Remember the sacred words of the male May with the wise song: «the Main problem of music in Russia is you. Because you listen to shit. For quite some time.» And don’t argue. The fact that in our great country, with great musical traditions of the majority of the population like the song about «a man with a beard». Clear patsanchiki with 20 teeth and a deep imprint of intelligence on individuals enjoy listening to in Paducah clear little boy’s rap. And as you know, a clear little boy’s rap is the most senseless and merciless musical genre. Unable to disagree, we don’t care – everything is clear with you. The people have made their choice, listening to Timati and going to his concerts. Your Philharmonic’s weekly half-empty hall playing masterpieces of classical music, but who are they interesting! But our country is known by Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and the like, not because of «Caspian Shipping», «Naive» and singer Natalie. Once sting asked, «do you Know any contemporary Russian musicians?» He replied: «No, just the classics. Prokofiev, Rimsky-Korsakov.» However, it was still a successful experience of expansion of Tatu in the West, but they just knew what to push, and make a quality product. Though, most likely, the reason for the success is that the Western public is also a big attraction to pop music and bad taste.

Maybe when in karaoke bars will stop singing «the Prison» and «Viagra» we will become a sacred era, and the musicians will begin to make quality music. Industry also adapts to the audience. But if «people hawala», then what is wise? There is such a musician – Alexey Chumakov. No one knows what he sings, but everyone knows who it is. On regular television, where the most stupid of people – music critics – along with a coarse animal face music producers discussed what’s wrong with Russian music, Lech stood up and said the right thing about what besptiche and ass – Nightingale. Supposedly, fellow musicians, start making a quality product, not to reduce the track hastily left leg. Alexey solemnly swore that he sincerely wants to make a quality product. You can listen and decide for himself how Chumakov was honest. But the truth in his words.

In a large show business has long been the main purpose is to make money, not to create. The producers decided that «let him do the work in your garage, and then we have all the money we lose». And the musician is forced to sing about «my Lyuli Lyuli». Sometimes workers stage themselves sick of their own repertoire, but to fall out of the cage impossible. «Everything will be endured, all in the family, sing about Boobs, pussy and love, and go to make quality the Bossa Nova». They find that the more flashed on radio and television, the more often they will call for corporate events, because musicians corporate feed, not album sales. And the star can afford the price for performance good wringing. They still hope to be able to play my own, but the people demand: «get Out the song from inside!» A similar incident was at a luxury wedding, where you have been called a recent participant of «Eurovision». She came out, she sang two radio hit and began to perform his songs that nobody has heard of. Of course, at the wedding all the time to grasp the essence, everyone wants to have fun under the familiar hits. The singer handed the thick envelope and asked me to conclude two hours before the scheduled date. The rest of the time guests had fun, mocking Serdyuchka and shit accumulated on a flash drive at Toastmasters.

There you have it. But the troubles do not end there. Once in Matthew Perpetua, founder of Fluxblog, the editor of the site asked if he knows someone of Russian musicians to which he replied: «No.» To the question: «wtf?» he also answered in the negative, but explained why. Perpetua had to torment ourselves with our songs, after which he concluded: the Russian musicians are to imitate the West and do not want to invent something of their own. This problem is, of course, it is not for all, but many who believes that reinventing the wheel is pointless, you can just be like Naked and Famous, U2 and other foreign friends, and then success will come to you. But in the West this music is not taken seriously, considering secondary and of poor quality. So, it is very poor quality. Before you sing in English and to plan the conquest of foreign audience, many of our musicians ought to make sure that their English is intelligible to listeners. British do not understand a damn thing: «What are these Russians? This is the Mongolian? Ah, the English! No, that’s not it!» Scandinavians and Germans are in this respect easier, they speak English, even taxi drivers, and we have before to encroach on the event, you need to come up with something different and hone the language.

But those who in the West does not count, shameless conquered the domestic audience three used techniques. Indeed, why suffer and work if you have a great source from which you shamelessly drew ideas? Such fully as big in show business, and, strangely enough, in the underground. Easier to buy up or splagiatit idea, the music and obtain your a few thousand per show. Therefore, in the West and then break out the new names, whose albums in the blink of an eye go to the top of Itunes, and in our country if someone new appears, sometimes there is a feeling that you have fed already processed by the stomach with food. Easier to make a product that is well established in public than to repeat the fate of the original «Auktyon» and «Picnic.» Although those and others are well-proven and always collect a full house of those who understand. But on TV you see them infrequently, for format. For me, it is better to repeat their fate, try to write quality material than to shame with the song, which is musically good, but just like on all. The West need to be equal, they have to learn from experience, to hell with it, maybe even to emulate, but not an absolute blueprint. Clones do not live long, nor biological, nor any other.

By the way, since you raised the issue of the quality, it is necessary to talk about it. Many believe that our music drowned in a cesspool of incompetence, because a lot of musicians and can sing and play – units. But let all the teams Yegor Letov, «Aquarium», which American producers have recognized incompetent during a tour of the U.S., and «Sounds of Mu», which at one time made a splash in the US – did they not listen? Is it «Everything goes according to plan» is a high quality, in terms of the professionalism of the product? No. But if you say that it’s a bad song, you are my sworn enemy. As for Russian rock in which there was always a few good musicians, his trouble isn’t really quality, but in the idea. «Russian rock» is a chanson: the phenomenon is very strange and incomprehensible. Incomprehensible in the first place for those who executes it. Don’t be lazy, read what they say about Russian rock themselves rockers. So, if earlier the Russian rock, according to the creators, the emphasis was on poems, now and texts is impossible to listen to. Is the patient dog that eats itself. The new group does not offer anything new, copying the old techniques, and the old sad look. Recently watched the latest «Invasion». What can I say, it’s very bad. For the speakers, I feel only pity, not interest.

But even in Russian rock have their gems as they appear in all genres. So, this brings us to the essence of the presentation. Not all music in Russia is shit, not all. I can name you a dozen artists who make original and quality material, besides the above-mentioned «Auktyon» and «Picnic.» To take at least beloved by me Samara music scene, where a charming indie fairy Pauline Khvostov under the pseudonym Polly Wants, or the wonderful, constantly conquering new peaks instrumental ensemble Sergei Tabachnikov «». And how many original bands! And «Refining»? And «Satan bakes pancakes»? It’s hard to count talent in Russia, interesting, original and bright! But, unfortunately, few of them are known, but likely to break through the ice of a corrupt, ossified, show business they have. It requires a lot of money and powerful patrons, and these patrons need to be convinced that your original high-quality music can be someone interesting. But it is very difficult. Laws are harsh, and the producers are not allowed to the big trough anyone unlike poor popular product. I’m afraid that those will break the foundations of the hell and the stage will flood unlike guys that will displace the many «singing cowards». We do not have normal management, and good organizers are very few. In Russia there are so many rock festivals, but after talking with many of the organizers and seeing the conditions in which musicians work, understand why everything is so bad, and why Mick Jagger, sitting in a London flat, not to watch the concert of the band «underwood». The worst thing that being in the music industry, they do not know who is who in Russian music and how it’s going. I do not like Russian rap, but in my opinion, if you’re going to invite you to organize a festival Basta, you should at least know this man.

All these organizers, managers, Directors, typically, think about your personal earnings, but to develop a group… And why, for them, and so go! They that little? Led Zeppelin, in addition to the stunning music and great talent, was a terrific Manager Peter Grand, which is involved in the global financial success of the group is not more than the musicians themselves. For his children, he was furious, he was able to losing the human form to dislodge the best conditions for musicians at the Desk of the organizer of the concerts. He broke the foundations of radio broadcasting, shoved in a live eight-minute version of «Stairway to heaven». What can our? Well, to organize the next free performance in the club. And often these young and talented musicians themselves create their fate because nobody cares. And until they don’t start talking a lot and loudly, no one will offer them their services. And what is most striking, abroad some of our musicians know better than at home. They get into heavy rotation on radio and are on better terms than at home. Take Mugosa, who loves foreign e-public, but in Russia many things just don’t understand. Because doing their (note the domestic plagiarists).

The once disgraced producer sweet pop groups asked why his talented musicians does not appear in the rotation. The producer did not sustain and told the tirade, where were indignant, saying, «why ask stupid questions, do you know whom you need to pay and what you need to do to push through its musician on television»? As there was singing Metallica? Sad but true. And how do we move this rusty xerocomus of musical stagnation? Perhaps, to turn to the experience of his Majesty chanson. People everywhere just started listening to masterpieces of music «to those who have seen life,» and now even on the big screens appear come with the «Radio chanson» and recites «Vorovaek» and anybody (I have nothing against Mikhail Zakharovich, a wonderful singer, and the songs are good). It is clear that it is inevitable in a country where every third sat, and in most courts the guitar rehash is not Pink Floyd, and Northern Arcadia. But if we cultivate the taste, the industry can change.

Same story with «rap». Basta easily collects «Olympic». So maybe if we start listening to good music, don’t buy compilations a La «The cream of the chanson» and to listen to pop snot, and the quality of the music you grow up? The artists will realize that the moonlight no longer, and during another interview Duft Punk will say that in the list of the most favorite tracks of the new album Kirkorov, who recently received a Grammy, not like Snoop Dogg tracks Timothy, Da kooka and «Hop-khey lalala» yesterday. Not perturbed, Leon is able to work with music.

And it would be nice to feel any kind of support from the state. In Europe, many examples of musicians supported by the state. Especially in Northern Europe: Norway, Finland there are official departments, Bureau music export. In Germany there is the Goethe Institute and French Cultural center. Those Finns very strongly invested: bring on all show cases the huge stands, pay for the way their groups, create the image of the country. In Poland is the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which thanks to the efforts of a pair of young employees is spending money on the support of the local avant-garde – they took the group into the world’s largest American showcase of SXSW, the festival Primavera Sound in Barcelona. And in many countries these things happened thanks to private initiatives. In Russia, alas, still nothing like this. And if someone took into their own hands, surely if it was corrupt, and his would be only promoted. In many ways, so in England to discuss the Scandinavian and Australian musicians, but no one says not a word about the magic of Russian music.

Just listen to good songs and tons of flavor. The more good music we listen, the better it will become. It is clear that the criteria is very specific, because the taste and color, as we know, no friends. Someone from the soul sounds like crap everywhere. Therefore, I appeal to the public, which understands how pathetic the quality of ambient music. If these people were led to rap, chanson and Sergey Lazarev, and lead to our good music. Here Mityaev, for example. What a very wise life song about real life, not about «how we blew Japan the Ganja». And good music, and the words of the wise.

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