The lumière brothers, livening up the photo

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_tmnd5XiaMYfI8Amazing how far humanity can take a step forward only for two hundred years. Was invented the photograph, the locomotive, the atomic bomb, electrical networks and devices. Once there was a full photo, which quickly grew into a new business, people began to actively think about the problem of animated images. Attempt to create a cinema was carried out in parallel in several countries, inventors, whose names history has not preserved. The principle of operation is clear to all, but another thing trying to run the picture through the projector. The first prototypes of the device worked badly, broke quickly and were even dangerous to use. Only in 1985, one inventor and one businessman from nature unable to gather a working projector that was patented by them. In a cellar of «Gran of cafe» in Parkway of Capuchins in the beautiful city of Paris after Christmas was held the first test screening of the new miracle of technical progress.

Sons of the artist, was fond of photography and had a small factory for the production of photographic materials, was not the first inventors of the projector and the idea of cinema. They were the ones whose names are preserved in history and whose experience was more or less successful. «Moving pictures» was even Thomas Edison was called «the peep show».


Jean Louis, who graduated from the industrial school, became a photographer and continued to work in the factory of his father. This man created the projector, but if it hadn’t had a living brother, it is unlikely he would be able to squeeze something out of his invention. All the will of the case, and our hero would not have created anything worthwhile, if at one moment it is not attacked by terrible insomnia. Of course, dawned on the younger Lumiere is not just. And Louis Auguste, worked on an assignment of a father who produced in his factory «blue label» — gelatin-bromine plates that allow you to make the photo much more simple methods than they do usually. In some ways, «labels» was content to lay with them photography has become more accessible to the masses. This invention made it possible to photograph in the open air.

The father of the brothers has an exceptional nose for profitable innovations that promise. One kinematoscope he bought for personal use, and the brothers were given the task to find a way to make it more pleasant to work with. The invention of Edison’s more like a kaleidoscope than a projector. To watch videos, you had to constantly stand in an uncomfortable position and stare at the eyepiece. The beginning of the XX century was the era of the latest discoveries, was invented by a film of cellulose, the technique of the animated image, «bioscopy and fantascope». Jean-Louis just took advantage of the achievements of other people, selecting from them the most successful. So without much enthusiasm on the part of the Creator, there appeared a device called the «cinematograph». Auguste, having had his brother to patent the invention, engaged in the organizational side of the question, the laurels is not claimed, being more for the company, and to compensate for the lack of initiative from the younger brother.

The main advantage of this machine was the ease and convenience of shooting. The device is a little ahead of his time, becoming not only productive, but comfortable camera. December 28, 1895, the day after Christmas, the first paid showing of films. In fact, it was not the first such event, because the brothers often demonstrated the results of their work to businessmen and investors. It wasn’t even the first film screening to the General public. Accident on the Boulevard des Capucines was the first movie for the money.

The famous film «arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat» was not shown during the famous meeting, he was shown the sophisticated audience later. Before Lumiere brothers, the inventors showed clips from the lives of people and animals, but the invention of the brothers changed is not yet born art. «The sprinkler sprinkled» and «workers exiting the factory» did not particularly surprise the audience, but the movie «Breakfast baby» literally stirred up the people in the cafe. What’s amazing moving pictures, where the child eats? People were amazed that the leaves in the background were moving from the breeze. For a man of the late nineteenth century it was very realistic. Movie perceived only as a living picture, which tries to resemble the theatre. The brothers made a new industry, which reproduced the real scary real. What is happening on the screen was multi-layered, unique and not like anything else. The myth that the «arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat» forced people to flee from the place of the show in horror, is an exaggeration, but surprised the tape at the first question how.

Cunning brother Auguste managed to get allies engineer Jules Garantie that created the most advanced camera of its time. Jules had a chance to create their own device for movies, but now he worked for the brothers and created cinematography. During the year it was manufactured 200 units. First impressions after came popularity took place in music halls, an interesting gimmick Auguste collected of people wishing to see themselves on the screen: the brothers filmed scenes for different films directly on top of a display. Hundreds of cities around the world were filled with people brothers with cinematographe, relieve people’s lives and show them their lives.

The brothers resigned from his highly successful business surprisingly quickly. There are so many different versions, there are mystical, which hinted that Louis or Auguste signed a contract with the devil. But it is much easier to not have hoaxes!


Auguste and Louis were smart guys and knew that movies like that its infancy was more like a booth. Brothers did not believe in his creation and decided to strike while the iron is hot. Their invention quickly outdated, because they were invented by other technologies. In may 1897, during one of the screenings there was a fire that claimed the lives of 130 people. Train and eating the boys could not compete with flights to the moon by Georges méliès. The brothers went out of business too soon.

Attempt to move the theater in the movie failed miserably. The lumière brothers took a fairly long movie with the actors of the passion of Christ, but the audience didn’t understand the alloy art. Interestingly, the competitors released a similar film, became much more successful than the old favorites. The scandal with the attempt to hold a tape to America also had a negative impact on all the plans of the brothers. Patent Agency Edison argued that cinematography is a violation of copyright. In addition, the Americans lobbied for their own production and imposed on him a monopoly.

What did you do brothers after he retired? They returned to a favorite photo and began to develop the first color pictures. They have it even happened: Louis created «autochrom» — the first method of color photography.


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