The lost art: 7 simple ways to become a gentleman


In today’s fast-paced culture of chivalry and gallantry are virtually absent. But, you can never miss a chance to become better versions of ourselves. Perhaps these seven simple tips will help you to become a man equal to others, and dreaming of women.

1. Open the door

This simple act has become so rare that some people sometimes moving backwards, when it actually happens. But, to tell the truth, how much effort it takes to open a door for someone? How many precious seconds you spend opening doors for people?

Just do it! This easy instrument should be included in the daily routine of your life. When you go with friends or a girlfriend, just come to the door faster than they open it, wait until all will pass away, but if your friends talking to another group of people, hold them, hold doors open for them, too. It’s just polite.

Tip: open the car door for his girlfriend every time you leave your vehicle.

2. Wait, when the lady sit down

This slight act gives a hint of care and protection for your girls. When you and your lady are going to sit, whether in the restaurant, theater or bus – let him choose the place first, let it sit, and then you.

Letting her choose the place, you show that you take into consideration where she wants to sit. It’s just a gentleman’s act. Also if you sit in public transport, and nearby there are the people who most need to sit down and assume the position. Nowadays you rarely see the boys in public transport give way not only women in General but also for older people. They just look out the window or smartphone, pretending to not see standing next to the lady. To give way to someone weaker than you — this gesture must be for you one of the main rules.

Tip: When a lady comes, got up from his seat to stand up. This outdated act is virtually absent these days, and many who may be surprised to raise eyebrows, but it looks very impressive. If you’re too shy, you can cross off your list this gentlemanly act.

3. Punctual

Perhaps this is one of the largest and most ubiquitous social mistake! Like a gentleman (a man), you should always strive to arrive on time. Your business may not always be more important than your friend or business partner. Don’t ignore this important rule of etiquette — don’t be late.

Besides, that’s rude, you make it clear that you don’t care about the people who are waiting for you. What is the point to make an appointment for a certain time, if you openly ignore? The Lord is attentive to others and always prompt.

Tip: If you know you can be late for a valid reason (i.e. traffic jams, towing neighbor’s car), send a message or call. And don’t tell me you’d be there in five minutes when you’re still in bed.

4. Wear heavy burden

If you’re with your lady went to the store, or you’re going to the beach or elsewhere, take on a heavy burden. Even if your girlfriend is strong and believes that it is not difficult, still you must not go with empty hands, while she carries a bag (handbag doesn’t count).

Tip: If you live with your parents when they come home from the supermarket, meet them to help carry the bags and putting groceries away.

5. Make sincere compliments

Compliments can be done not only girls and not only familiar to people. Can you say a few heartfelt words to a stranger, if, for example, it has the perfect watch or accessory. A small compliment can set a good mood for the rest of someone’s day. A gentleman is always happy to brighten up someone’s day.

Tip: compliment and your parents too! Or just tell them that you love them.

6. Smile and look into his eyes

A great way to dissuade people from Dating you — avoid eye contact. You may be shy, but consistently avoid contact with eyes — it is rude. In the worst case people get offended, and at best they see you as a beta-man who is afraid to look someone in the eye.

This is an important social skill that you should cultivate. If this proves difficult, make a conscious effort to look people in the eye when you enter into the conversation.

Beautiful smile — so innocent, so disarming tool. It shows people that you’re available for communication and happy: two awesome traits in a person. Gentlemen know how to use both of these essential social tool – eye contact and smile.

Tip: If you are uncomfortable to smile because you have a defect teeth, try to fix it (braces, whitening, etc.). A confident smile is important.

7. Be careful

Talking to people, pay attention to what they say. Don’t go to adventurous dreams and don’t throw a furtive glance at a passing girl.

It’s really a day makes a person more attractive when you remember little details about his or her life. Perhaps it was mentioned in passing (for example, your girl prefers dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or your cousin hates oysters, but loves shellfish), but you have to try to remember.

Tip: Try to remember the name of the person on the first try. When you meet someone, talk to him by name.

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