The little things that make you ugly

that makes me a freak

Self-care is a strange thing. On the one hand, no one seems to be should not be doing what you’re doing to yourself. On the other hand, people see you every day — why should you condemn them to suffering? Why be a dick if they can’t be? So everyone is trying to look better, and by also nice. The problem is that every day you look in the mirror several times and eventually cease to understand when it is time to change something. Below are some tips that you can constantly produce out of focus.

1. You’re wearing pants the wrong size

Hello to all fans of Justin Bieber, and also all those who have recently lost weight and buys new pants because he is afraid again to gain weight! The girls immediately think it is, and not what you like, when they hang my pants». Anyway, hanging pants is just impractical, because they are constantly trying treacherously to fall from your ass. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. If you have lost weight is even more enjoyable. If you wear pants hanging from a desire to imitate someone you know, understand that people will take you much more seriously when you wear clothing of appropriate size. And a strap.

2. You wear only black, white and gray

Even if you dress in high quality branded clothing, a wardrobe is full of neutral colors, incredibly boring. If the style expresses individuality. Black, white and gray do not demonstrate any originality. At least a belt, shoes, watch and tie can be any other color. Or merry socks. When you put one leg over the other, suddenly the world opened striped socks, socks speckled, train, Hakimi kostrami, and you’re not as boring as it seemed at first glance.

3. You train the same program for many years

Doing sports is vital, preferably a few times a week. If you’re doing this, then you’re done. But day in and day to repeat the same thing — not the most efficient way. Your muscles adapt to the exercises and other muscles at this time atrophy. Every 4-6 weeks change your exercise program at least slightly, in hall tries a new trainer, and then things will go much better.

4. You eat food from delivery

Of course, the lunch delivery is convenient, but for your belly, skin and muscle is nothing good that will bring. Regularly eat fatty food from delivery or fast food — bad. At least three times a week, bring lunch with you to work. To wrap food with them is a few extra minutes, but so good! Don’t like to mess with in the morning? Do it the evening in advance to avoid wasting precious minutes.

5. You don’t know what a trimmer

Few people in this life you close enough to tell that protrude from the nose and ear hairs don’t make you prettier. If you still nobody spoke, let it be me. Hair sticking out everywhere — a sign of Santa! They turn away women, so you should allocate five minutes with a trimmer to trim that ugly and hairy that so passionately wants to appear all over the world. Once a week stand in front of a mirror and uchinaa over ridiculous hair massacre. Yeah, I know, it hurts. But women are doing for us even waxing! Be a man, in the end.

6. You have crocodile leather, although you’re not a crocodile

If the skin is peeling, it means it is dehydrated and lacks moisture. Dry skin is bad because its color is ashen immediately, and her clearly show through wrinkles. If in your Arsenal of tools for skin care only morning wash, it’s time to change something. It is necessary to regularly exfoliate excess cells and moisturize the skin. I was recently in a hypermarket bought on sale for men scrub for just ten rubles, I’m that good, so that the poverty to refer, in this case sin. Twice a day now my face. And still it is necessary to drink more water, you’ll be good as new.

7. You have a bad Cologne

Nice perfume cling girlfriends at the time. From time to time to change their Cologne — a laudable experiment, but it does have a catch. The smell is very well remembered, and your friend is associating the smell of your Cologne with you. Keep in mind: the smell should be not sharp, so it could only feel it when close to you. Apply Cologne on the neck and wrists. If the smell of your Cologne enters the room before you, it means that something in this life you do not.

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