The little things that every man should do otherwise

For the sake likes to think that they are great. I also like to think so. Sometimes I like and enjoy the beautiful day, pleased with himself, and then there is some insignificant crap negates all of my joy. At one point I cease to feel like a winner and wonder how it was that God made me such a sucker. Here’s a list of things that you should do otherwise, otherwise, where, dude, your left and right testicle?

1. When you find yourself in an awkward situation, resist the instinct to bury the phone. It’s for insecure suckers.

2. It is enough to compare their education, place of residence and salary with strangers. No need to look at how live classmates and classmates. You have your own life and focus on it.

3. Next time you want to complain about work, better stick your tongue back in the ass. Work is what grown-UPS do.

4. Instead of hastily for the sake of doing things, take your time and do everything thoroughly. When you’re sure you’re done, it’s an incomparable sensation of own steepness.

5. Waking up, do not grab immediately for the smartphone to see what’s new posted in your social network are just as dependent on technology friends. Spend a few minutes quietly, Wake up. The iPhone will not escape.

6. When someone tells you about a cool get-together or a trip where you were not there, for God’s sake, man, don’t be depressed that you missed it. You miss the presentation

«Oscar», and probably have not seen the comet of the century, and the Olympic games in Sochi, most likely, will not go. What? Be happy that someone enjoyed it.

7. Stop thinking that being a contrarian is necessarily a bad thing. When you don’t fit that gives you new opportunities. Will pick up the drool from the floor — and be sure them out.

8. Decided saved the situation, and do not need a hundred times to think, whether correctly you do. Right. Trust your instincts.

9. To worry about the future is normal. It is abnormal to do it all the time. Try each day to live the same day, not thinking about the hypothetical mortgage and future wars.

10. Understand that you don’t need every second to be happy. This is normal. Not normal, when people walk the whole day with a blissful smile on her face and sings like he’s glad he was saved by Jesus. Still, what’s there, it already happens. Every day.

11. Restrain his wish to be rude. The impetus for the later speech. Otherwise, of course, will speak, and then you feel frustrating that you are able to. Like vile scandalous woman from public transport.

12. Have fun. I beg of you. Don’t sit at home with lean face, believing that this gives you the right to lecture others. A boring life makes you not a king, not a trained horseradish, and gloomy anti-social shit.

13. Think about mom. The eggs don’t prevent you from thinking about mom. It’s not snotty, it’s okay. So, is she proud of you? Well, at least to talk about you in the presence of strangers and not to hide your eyes? This is our goal.

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