The light and dark sides of James Franco

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_mmuhVIPhEPe8SBefore, I thought a lot about how I look, and now I don’t care. Maybe because I’m beautiful in itself.If you’re skinny, black-haired, with wavy hair and unshaven beard rare, then you have a chance to be like James Franco. This has its benefits, after all, this Hollywood a madcap love women. But you’ll never be like James Franco, because it had to sell my soul the madness and go, in the language of Tommy Lee, «on another level of shit.»

I keep hearing all these conversations: they say, look, this Franco will throw further and what he will say. And here’s what I say: «Boobs!»

Franco in General

Franco 37 years, and his career as an erection. Not in the sense that it’s as bad a career as wonderful, and that it is too much. He is a producer and actor, artist and Director, and mentor, and poet, and prose writer, and aesthete, and the guitar igrets, and the dude dudes, and General…

I like to do everything. It’s like throwing the flask a bunch of chemicals and see what happens.Here’s a new mini-series, taken, incidentally, based on the novel of Stephen king’s «11.22.63» that adds credibility, because the film adaptation. hard to mess up even Michael Kokhanovo. In the new film Franco is not going to run away from monsters, hiding from armed with an axe Jack Nicholson, lost amid the kindest of Negro breaks through its simplicity and naivety on a tear. He’ll be back in time to save Kennedy.

Later, we’ll see the two films where he is the Director and actor: «the lost boy» by Steinbeck and «Long house». 2016, of course, it seems to him a failure, only two paintings out instead of four or 10, as it was in 2013, but it is not annoying, on the contrary, it is always a pleasure to see. Because the guy is laid out and makes mostly good movies, and most importantly, is not limited. He in the Comedy as and drama the master, his tantrums are fun to watch in the sebaceous Comedy «end of the world 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood», and in colorful short stories like «oz» and the old, still viable parts of the «spider-Man» and even «127 hours» his face is not boring for all 94 minutes. To the viewer liked your ordeal with the stone and hand, you need to have at least a talent.

Franco particular

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_Q4WR1tShYbwSOThat’s what I think about Franco in our country. If you look across the continent and the ocean right in America, we can see that there is French treated as weird in the head a talented Frick, whose exercise cause less noise than the performances of Shecky LaBeouf. But unlike Shecky, Jamalca riddles covered from head to toe. He kind of does anything like that, but still introduces people into a stupor. Journalists are afraid to communicate with him, because he is constantly late and carries some nonsense or says nothing at all, and behaving strangely. His talents are great, and immense interests, he is engaged in all at once, he pulls out his vezdesuschego and striking heterogeneity. It is creativity that is its main performance. While Shia is riding in elevators, James writes books and takes see fart Comedy that prohibit viewing in many countries, and immediately put on YouTube. Checkmate, Sasha Baron Cohen! It became so much that even ostentatious indifference to the ceremony «Oscar» was seen as another performance, and Seth Rogen, which he shoves in his paintings even began to consider his wife. Rumors about blue nature Franco go long, after all, 37 years old, and wife is wife – creativity. On the other hand, al Pacino is also not married, but Hollywood and Broadway profursetki all the throat shouted about his connection with prostagladin Italian.

Franco – Renaissance man

If you remember figures of the Renaissance, we can see that they, like Franco, did all kinds of stuff at the same time, his left hand clinging to the pots right painting a picture, feet tracing and drawing a scheme for an aircraft. Remember even Leonardo da Vinci, who left behind a bunch of ideas and works, which most people admire. Franco in all tries to become a Renaissance man, as Danila Kozlovsky, but only talented. Otherwise, why would he, the youthful hero of the biopic, was to drop rapidly won the hearts of critics acting career and to go to the temple of science?

Playing James Dean in the eponymous biopic, and Harry Osborn, received the «Emmy» and «Golden globe», he disappears out of sight of the agents to devote themselves to education. Franco went not to develop acting skill and writers field, studying the subject of «creating writing». With a bachelor’s degree, he moved to new York to study under the program of masters degree in literature at Columbia University and at the School of Arts Tisch at new York University where she is studying production. The return of Franco to automatically Lomonosov from the cinema and perhaps the most important scholar of the industry. Many it also became irritating, like, what the hell is this kinky shit builds from a very smart person? Lindsay Lohan and other people who can’t act at all, began violently angry, and rednecks freaking out. It turned out that Franco still paints a picture, and here is the human indignation knew no bounds. «You gotta be kidding me!» – shouted Joe from Alabama. «Maybe he’s in the movie knows how to play?» asked himself will Smith, who most replicated black actor. It turns out, can. Came out gorgeous role in «Harvey Milki» and «Pineapple Express» where Franco has proven his ability to movie adult.

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_gVNVT03RacncSBy the way, in the Express he had to go to considerable sacrifice, as once in «James Dean,» where he for the role learned to smoke and play the guitar. But one thing – cigarettes, and quite another – the crazy amount of marijuana that was smoked in the movie. The producers argued that the sham, but no one believed. Long-haired, in sweat pants, dazed and confused, a drug dealer performed by Franco not just very similar to the smoker, but was the first since the Dude from «the Big Lebowski» an icon of the genre. Just Franco adheres to the commandments of the American popularizer of Stanislavsky Lee Strasberg, whose methods burned James Dean, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many other adherents of the school of reincarnation. After such a «wolf» methods to keep the mind highly problematic.

Incidentally, the first literary experience of the Franco critics praised the cool. It appeared to be a collection of short stories «Palo Alto, woven from childhood memories of a carefree childhood in California. But reading about actors called «Actors Anonymous» caused considerable excitement. All the ins and outs of the profession squeezed, the parasite.

There is an unspoken belief that actors should not write books. Yes, with some reservations they are allowed to shoot their own cinema and, perhaps, they can make music. But for books there is an invisible barrier, to overcome which was little.

The Motives Of Frank

Franco did not want to fall under someone’s influence, so he tries, almost single-handedly to deal with its own cinema. Another thing is that James presents him as something big, while in fact it is just a good movie. Maybe it’s a publicity stunt like this, who knows?

Although there are films that fit the description. Take, for example, a gorgeous film with a wonderful name «Interior: GIMP-gay-bar». When in 1980 William Friedkin released in theaters detective «Looking for» in which a young al Pacino undercover tracked down the murderer of gays. 40 minutes is too explicit content were cut from the film, and James Franco after 30 years, decided that it would not become to recover. The shots from the night gay bar, where men in leather corsets dance and blow each other. Enough five minutes, and then an hour. Critics immediately called the painting the mockery of mainstreamness of homosexuality in the United States, and ironic mockery only exposes some problems. God knows what he was thinking, anyway, thoughts about the orientation of Franco after this article start to visit the head with double force.

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_0Xx0gujeUCApMPeople never tire of watching how many gays I’ve played in my life. A couple of times I even heard something like: «Listen, this is your third gay role. Okay, dammit, it’s time to confess.»He doesn’t want to be omnipresent, he wants to be multi-tasking and unique in Hollywood cohorts. He just closely within the given framework. So Franco and throws from one extreme to another. He once said that he is very suitable phrase from the old movie: «where we’re going, nothing to look», which characterises him better than movies about gays and the Set of Roggen. And he led the ceremony «Oscar», and rumor has it that under the influence of drugs. That’s all you need to know about it.

Say, I was really stoned when he hosted the Oscar ceremony. But this is nonsense, of course. I have been on heroin.

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