The life of a creative person?

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2014_nIxi76UOXJRZQWe often write that a man must follow his heart, to realise their ambitions and generally try to go their own way. Especially if his way to be a creative person. Professionally create original texts, drawing, making art and what people would call a hobby is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, realize its not for everyone. Having lived the life of an artist or indie programmer, our hypothetical creative person realizes that she is as attractive as it seemed before: the money is not so much a deadline, the customer fool other customers is not expected, the port is over, but the recognition doesn’t come. Do you need to choose the more practical route? Mother used to say!

The creative life of human kind. Creative people, truly creative, and not the one who considers himself as worthy of respect. Unfortunately, the term «creative» rather spoiled second-rate writers, bad artists, and other artsy dudes. A truly creative person is close to the archetype of the traveler in the sense that its values are very different from the usual. Such people are very rare, because not everyone is seriously ready to go. There are a lot of advantages, but your otherness of the other is going to hurt you. More often than not we’re under pressure the society, and ourselves.

From childhood, when we studied the «stable» and «respectable» human activities, such as biology, mathematics, chemistry, law, languages, business, programming and Economics, we have absorbed the conviction that all art as a profession is a risk. Most dudes still believe that the recognition ONLY comes after death. It seems that society does not like a man who wants to be realized more in the works than to get a steady prestigious job.

This is partly true: life is unstable, it has a lot of risks. This memo will help you in choosing the path. Who you are: an artist or a regular employee who works at leisure?

You can endure all the hardships?

The life of a man who wants to make money work, harder than all the rest. The creativity necessary to sell, the inspiration disappears, the customer is not present. Of course, in the life of «ordinary people» also may not be working and the wages can not hold, but they happen much less frequently. A big problem with many people is that traditionally engaged in creative work, that they do not know how to advertise. Some look and realize: the man is talented and really original paints, sews, and does something with his hands. But look at another and see that he can not do anything that his paintings — second year of art faculty, the horizon in the photos are skewed, and the article is complete crap, but its main difference from the first: he knows how to motivate their abilities and praise them. Therefore, it is successful first.

Can you try again and again?

The creative profession of entrepreneur have in common is the need to take risks. This means that he needs to keep trying to do your project. Burned one thing? Start to do something else. Does not come off of it? Start again. Modern man loves to throw things halfway. Make sure you are not one of them.

If you can do without luxury?

Since you will receive little and irregular, not going to be your luxury companion. Of course, if you’re lucky, you’ll learn to earn at the art, then you’ll be rolling in luxury Aki Nikas Safronov, but this is rare. If money is barely enough to pay the rent of the room of the hostess, what about buying a new iphone or a dinner at a nice place? You even spend money will not allow for such nonsense. Sometimes a creative person has nothing, and he drinks tea, weekly dipping teabag in the boiling water. It is also not uncommon.

Can you be lonely?

We once wrote that loneliness is cool. Let’s face it: being alone is difficult and scary. To not be afraid, we must be able to be alone. Do you know how? Even friendly people can get away from you if you see how you don’t fit into the accepted norm. Be prepared to lose most of his comrades. Even to blame them especially not worth it!

Can you handle criticism?

The most unpleasant that can happen to a young talent is criticizing. Somewhere deep down many creative people consider themselves exceptional, creative and the real innovators, who believe that all the rules of painting, photography and text construction is an outdated dull crap. They do not understand that their drawings do not work, they critic wants to push them on the right path, and not to offend. If you don’t know how to respond appropriately to criticism, make suggestions for improving work and seriously think about them, you don’t want to go to work. Why produce incompetence?

You can continuously learn?

You’ll be able to constantly learn new techniques, to practice and improve? Without progress you won’t be able to attract new customers and move forward. You yourself will soon cease to be satisfied with their success, but to develop something new, often need to learn something old. To invent something from scratch it turns out not everyone.

If you can do this without a reward?

If you’re planning to do something for recognition, you lose. Recognition will be if you certainly will achieve, and you’re left with nothing. This should be done only in order to realize their creative potential and love for the subject. In this case your creative career will be much more tolerant and nicer. Out of love for his work can endure the lack of women, life prospects and money. And the success, let it be something side.

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