The lies people love to tell you

For many years of our lives, we have developed a set of beliefs based on the words that we spoke. Some beliefs do make sense, they can listen and learn, but the problem is that many of the beliefs hammered into our heads, actually not true. Now false beliefs rooted in your mind and do everything possible to prevent you fulfillment. They keep you from the life you want and where you are able to live.

Today we picked up another batch of lies that stop us from living. The last issue here.

1. Everything you want normal people — comfort and safety

Shit man! People love the adrenaline, people love the new sensations and in a swamp the same environment, they wither, die soul, and then they begin to arrange it. You cannot be in the comfort zone for a long time, it’s the same thing that constantly lie on the bed, soon will begin bedsores. Risk — a noble cause because it brings profit, new emotions, new knowledge and skills. Risk is a part of evolution, «wise piscary» is meaningless biomass!

2. You have a lot of things you can lose

You know, man, closer to the end of life you will regret only that you didn’t even try to do. Much better to have a life full of experiences and mistakes, than a smooth track without any events, interesting cases and everything that you can tell your children, grandchildren and anyone else. Life should be lived so that you had something to tell someone. To be honest, that’s what you lose only your life. That’s sad to lose her, and everything else, if you think about it, not really.

3. Your dream is impossible

When the man dream, that’s all he will find any way to achieve what at first glance seemed impossible. And that person could be you. It’s fun to do the impossible. If you can fulfill your dream, whatever it had seemed unattainable, and that others told you, you will experience unprecedented pleasure. If it is possible for others, why it may be impossible for you?

4. To be selfish is bad

If you don’t choose everything for yourself and don’t try to live your life as best you can from start to finish, no one else will do it for you. No one, as he would not disown his essence, will live for you. To argue that to have full control over their health, dreams, wealth and other areas of his life — selfish and bad — that have no idea what «selfishness». Selfishness is a lack of self-love, it is complex that one tries to resolve, acting like a dick and wanting others to go before him on his hind legs. Self — love is not a reason to feel uncomfortable. Self-love and selfishness are two different concepts. Love of self — respect, the ability to concentrate on their problems and did not score on yourself. If you want to achieve something, fuck those who call you selfish. This is not selfishness, this is self-help and self-improvement.

5. You need the approval of others

Absolutely not. People sometimes are too quick to condemn another person and the finger is not to strike to correct his hasty judgment. Don’t be one of them! Focus on your growth, goals and dignity. First, you will not be respected for what you’re going against public opinion. But you will soon realize that some people still stubbornly respect you for what you think with your head and go their own way. And if they don’t want to respect you, let them go, you really need such friends?

6. In a happy and powerful people in the world least of the problems

Strength appears not because you keep your unspent potential — it appears from overcoming itself, and the various problems. Happiness is not the absence of problems but in combating them. You can also find and force — power in the struggle with difficulties. The strongest people still feel the pain but know how to accept it, learn from it and deal with it. They turn their wounds into wisdom and life experience, and that is how they become strong.

7. The situations are good and bad

Of course, there are situations that clearly can be called good or bad, but most of the bad situations have much to teach us and give us a lot of life experience. We can’t call them bad, they just happen, but sometimes the great occasions in life may have a double bottom. You married the woman you love — be ready to new difficulties and overcome themselves. Graduated from University — it is time of new life. No bad and good situations, there are situations.

8. There is an ideal relationship

Love is never perfect, as there are no perfect people and perfect relationships. Is not couples who never fight, never happens couples who will never swear or be stumbling blocks. Relationships can begin like a fairy tale, but quickly and easily turn into a routine. The relations are different. Sometimes you look at something the happy couple as they smile and cute are pressed against each other, and I think I want to own something like that. However, if you think about it, if you stop to envy them and look wide, you will surely understand: if they live together, they will have problems. After all, they ever fight, she is jealous of her friend unable to dislike him. And all at once it becomes easier and easier. Relationships are full of individual cases, of course, some tips in respect to really work, for example, but this does not mean that you might not be so lucky with a divorcee with children?

9. You can’t be kind to everyone

You should not mistake kindness for weakness. As well as the ability to forgive and to apologize.

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