The lessons you’ll get, leaving a hated job

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2014_gNXbiMH645q3BYou spend forty hours of your life per week to sit through from start to finish where there are no prospects of career growth and decent wages. Well, what’s your problem, man? You realize this is the time you can spend on what you really like or by investing in their development for future success? Remember the line from the poem by Alexander Blok: «Work, work, work: you will be with an ugly hump Behind long and fair work, for long and honest work»! and think of the days of your life have you foolishly pissed away. If you were waiting for a sign from above for the plunge, don’t let it be the mythical rain on Thursday, and this article. Leaving a hated job, you will find seven of the most valuable lessons which will reward you with experience and confidence.


Fear of failure robs you of the huge number of amazing things that could happen in your life. It gives meaning to your excuses. You have a dream, but when given the chance to implement it through the adoption of some important decisions, you begin to think of excuses in advance adjusting itself to a negative result. Apparently, the same person forever I doubt, like you, came up with the saying about the bird in the hand better than pie in the sky. Here just be sure, agreeing to a compromise with yourself and the choice of half-measures, you will live a half-life of the corresponding. Always choose the action even if the decision is not easy. There was no storm after which would have thought the sun.


We all fight with our doubts: are we good, smart, competent, or deserve a better life, basically, or what we have now is the ceiling of aspirations, the same maximum that can be squeezed out of this life. Doubt is a silent killer that destroyed a huge number of aspirations and plans. You’re starting to think a lot, but do nothing, and the static is good only in works of art.


Be prepared for the fact that as soon as you decide to swim against the tide and do something which you do not expect on the horizon will appear a lot of advisers and «well-wishers» that will become you in every way to dissuade him, saying that better than this swamp you just won’t find anything. So the man who is able to do something that they have not enough spirit to be a powerful cognitive dissonance.


You must have a little cheat sheet, a visual plan, which you must be if you decided to achieve his goal, but hated the work for you in the hamper. Give us a clear definition of the following items. Try to paint every detail as clearly as possible to your mind is not buzzing in the head of a wild swarm of bees, as reflected on paper, helping to gather and decide.

When you leave work:

  • what you plan to do;
  • what you need to do first to realise their intentions;
  • make a step by step plan, consisting of at least ten points;
  • what should happen if you successfully perform these short tasks.

A piece of paper with these writings cannot guarantee you success but will greatly increase the chances of its achievement.


It would be great if everything worked as we planned originally, but, alas, life dictates its own terms and provides us with a more sad statistics. You need to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Slamming the door hated office, you need to have a financial reserve Fund and the contingency plan. So better go to austerity.


But fear and doubt, there is one more thing, which is like a very heavy boulder that blocked you the way. Is restraint. You think you are not competent enough that is too old that it can not combine a new way of my life with you usual business. Can you put on a cross, being sure that certain things you just can not handle, only if you don’t try you’ll never know. If you fail and you will not find the strength to get up, for the sake of what you were doing initially? The barriers aren’t around – they’re inside you.


Don’t look back and don’t waste time soul-searching. Once you made that decision – there were reasons. Put all its forces on conquering new heights.

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