The lessons of hate from Alexander Nevzorov

We love to write about controversial personalities, the more conflict, the more a person hate society, so it is interesting. If you go to the hill and ask honest people «Who loves Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov?» – the sun rises a forest of hands. – «And who does not?» – the same.

Once is not called Nevzorov: and horse Deputy and a teacher of atheism and mixed with shit and bad words reviled, but no less powerful mental abilities, excellent journalistic composition and the ability to conduct a very dangerous verbal battles. So, self-esteem Nevzorova have developed extremely and often develops in elementary rudeness. But if he was to us so interesting if just exposed social and political evils of society?

It all started with St. Petersburg streets…

When you write about someone trying to extract as much information as possible from his dark past to make clearer hackneyed excuses moments to pull out the flesh of little-known facts of the dice of shame and secrets. But in the case of Nevzorov’s nothing to dig is not necessary, he willingly talks about the Golden youth years. Of course, somewhere, by deceiving, exposing themselves in a more favorable light (like any completely normal person). Junior years are the most interesting because they are the defining, passed at Nevzorova unforgettable St. Petersburg courtyards-wells in an atmosphere of liberty, freedom and independence from parents. Mother was minding my own business, and his father has never seen, although he had the opportunity to choose a suitable.

«Sekundochku» this place enough applicants, most of these dad lined up people in a hundred and fifty. But I never picked up a decent candidate.

However, later on, Nevzorov said that the most probable version, his father is the representative of the North American Indian people the Comanches, who was in Leningrad for 9 months before his birth during the VI world festival of youth and students in Moscow.

The only sponsor of his antics was the grandfather–the General, who, despite the presence of hordes of grandchildren and many wives, was a patron of little Sasha, pulling him from the police, controlled by the KGB (because children in the Soviet Union were sent immediately to the torture of the KGB).

In short, looking at their unfortunate classmates, I realized how lucky I was. Grandfather sent me to a good French school. All the guys were from wealthy families, very cool. And I’ve seen how parents tortured their different moronic circles, constantly eaten them baldness some guidance, impose a completely delusional view of life. In General, they were in bondage to their mothers and fathers. And I was free, no one climbed in my life. And I lived just fine!It was a happy, apparently, childhood. At that time refrigerators were in every family, and people hung products in the nodules. And the brave St. Petersburg punks cut off the supplies of the proletariat with the aid of a stick and attached to her blade. And then Sasha rose and began to expose the thieves. What we take issue, it’s a simple childish pranks, who in this life did?

Favorite place Nevzorova in North Palmyra was the Smolensk cemetery, where he wandered among the bleak gravestones, seeping mysterious charm of death and periodically looking at ancient tombs in which you can find swords, like medallions, buttons, left over from decayed uniforms. There he made his first foray into deep and blissful world of religion. Once, walking through the cemetery, he came across a group Siracusa vodka young people bomzhevatogo species. It kindly invited to join, to which he, like any normal person, said Yes. Who would refuse to sit with the homeless? Young people were honoured, respected basses of the choir. They brought him into the choir, where they found good ear and a great powerful voice.

So, quite unexpectedly, I became a chorister, and in the Church paid good money. Yes, and I loved it. Sing to yourself – nothing complex. But there I misbehaved terribly, and others draws in their ugliness. To smoke, we quietly ran to the altar, which is unacceptable. Singing constantly distorted – inserted into their absolutely dirty words. In General, having fun in every one…Maybe Nevzorov only adds heroism to his young rebellious image, it’s a private matter, the main thing, do not take it, dear reader, for half-witted punks. Undoubtedly, the question «where is he learned?» suggests itself. Here he was helped by great people, who somehow communicated with this jerk, in which nothing was sacred. History taught him Gumilev, the military – the generals Lebed and Rokhlin, a great neurologist Natalia Bekhtereva taught him anatomy and left a legacy of a bunch of unpublished papers on neuroscience.

Nevzorov could easily make a career in the Church, but he was expelled from the fourth year of the Moscow theological Seminary. And it’s not Smoking, and, according to the hero, «in its normal orientation.» But more on that later.

600 seconds

Their cult status Alexander Glebovich found in the era of perestroika and nineties thanks to a format the program «600 seconds», which with all sincerity exposed the arbitrariness and tell people how terrible to live. In fact, he became a leading chance, but nervous smoky voice and emotional submission like all spectators of television.

In addition to exposing the program was attended by humor, for example, on the first of April 1990 showed an interview with an alien detained by the police, and eventually began to appear more and more scenes with Frank the naturalistic scenes of violence and destruction: fires, rotting food, dismemberment, nudity, Mat, mass executions and other manifestations of civilized society – something for which the transmission and the Nevzorov has been repeatedly criticized. In fairness it should be noted that currently he did this about parcels not the best opinion. Although it should be stressed that the Nevzorov is very similar to his creation: his criticism is also a lot of cynicism and jokes stated with mock tragedy.

Our program can be called outright robbery information. And the criminal was a way of obtaining information, the more expensive it was worth it. And how is it extracted? The documents were stolen, vymenivali all sorts of ways, buying from the responsible persons. Often, we literally rushed on a closed object «Rafik» in which the crew of the «600 seconds» was moved to the city, just rammed the gate. Things come up…all of a Sudden, literally one day, Nevzorov, a former Pro-liberal and anti-Communist, was openly campaigning for his political views of the Russian nationalist: the transfer is often touched on Orthodox topics. The movement for the independence of the Baltic Soviet republics was covered very negatively, answers to viewers questions «How to vote in the referendum on preserving the Soviet Union?» was shown in slow motion, as a vote against the dissolution of the Union, and before the election of the President of the Russian Federation in 1991 Nevzorov was expressed in the transfer of support for Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In 1990 Nevzorov during his next race with a TV camera through the surrounding trash tried to shoot, but unfortunately for many of his opponents, to no avail. Although much later he admitted that he deserved the bullet because he talked too much.

At that time I was arrogant, opportunistic, ruthless, cynical, cunning, corrupt journalist. Although for some reason I had the image of the incorruptible reporter. But, unfortunately, I not especially tried to bribe. Although I absolutely did not mind to sell at high prices…

A little war in the heart of every

Nevzorova can not be called a coward. As a reporter and as a soldier he was a participant in the war in Yugoslavia, Transnistria, Karabakh, the Baltic States, Iraq, Chechnya, one of the first together with General Rokhlin entered Grozny. Nevzorov was one of the organizers of the putsch in 1991, stormed Ostankino in 1993, defended the White House. Participated in the well-known events in Vecmilgravis, in the defeat and the burning of the first of the Baltic customs, in the storming of the interior Ministry of Latvia, was hiding in Russia of fugitive Riga and Vilnius OMON. Maybe there is nothing heroic, but cowardly man would hardly agree to that. War was always attracted, and instead of snotty eternity of love he studied Herodotus and his ilk. Although Alexander himself admitted more than once that during the war, he very well earned.

Among the military’s almost all wonderful people. Actually, when I think about those with whom I drove the war, and took part as a journalist, and as a mercenary, I begin to tremble a voice, and ugly red nose and eyes. Convinced that the war must pass to each man. If you want to understand anything about this life, about human nature, you are obliged to see and know humanity in its most diverse forms.Knowing war from the inside, he at one time took action promote mutual understanding «Purgatory», with a lot of profanity, blood and outright cruelty, with nagievym and Growth in the role. At least someone saw Nagiyev dramatic actor, not clown. It’s not «Caution Nouveau!».

However, despite his skill in combat, a concussion, which write off specific nature of our person, desire to shed blood for the country Nevzorova no. Smarter, stupid – there is already everyone decides for himself.

The desire to fight for their country out of patriotism, I have no, because the Motherland is extremely ungrateful to the soldiers. And make war in order to fight… For me it’s a question of price. It’s very simple. If we receive an interesting offer, I’ll consider it.

Horse MP

However, the main passion of Alexander Glebovich is horse riding. Many have pointed out (and he himself admits), to the horses he treats with great respect and reverence than the people. He claims to be a follower of the masters of the Higher school of riding. Its equestrian school, rather reminiscent of the sect, he called Nevzorov Haute Ecole.

Some call them sectarians and dirty Amateurs-schemers, putting into consideration the total ignorance of appologie and horse equipment. Others, conversely, see it as respect for the proud horses, actively protesting against armor and other familiar riding attributes that maimed the horse. «The horse is a beautiful horse it proudly,» the school motto is full of Nevzorov. Although someone will remember the words from his interview in the newspaper «Version – top secret», after which many began to accuse the school of Nevzorov in the cruelty of the noble brothers smaller.

I had a horse Summary – crow, the incredible beauty. I beat him not even with a stick, not a Board, and a section from the fence. I stayed back on the rump of the horse, took the tail in his hand, struggling twitched and kicked.Some argue that the club are only impressionable gentlemen, familiar with equestrian sports rumors.

All thanks to the book and movie «Horse encyclopedia», art documentary film «the Horse crucified and risen», after which all learned about the secret love of horse master.

Hero or anti-hero?

Currently Alexander Glebovich poznavatel with horses and actively attacked the ROC. This despite the fact that, according to witnesses, before he was baptized literally on every corner. Undoubtedly, he is a great speaker, but in terms of the lowering of the ignorant on earth he has no equal. As a rule, his opponents look ridiculous and roll in loud-hysterical self-defence.

This is the result of discussions predictable, for opponents of Nevzorov lazy to ask someone to discuss. They are too lazy to find the abstract of his interview: «journalism should be corrupt», «television should not make an objective assessment of events», «the spectator is always an idiot.» But don’t want them. Just do not then accuse Nevzorova treason and poison in the press. You have the chance to do it tete-a-tete. But deep erudition and preparedness Alexander Glebovich very confused. No priest has not yet looked decent on the background of Glebych, which is strange: his arguments nobody can give normal arguments. And the more significant becomes this piece.

St. Petersburg children love to be experts in everything. To recall Dmitry Puchkov, who knows everything. With Nevzorov absolutely the same story. It criticized the book «the Origin of personality and intelligence» defeated anthropologists and biologists, about horses in General it is better not to remember. As for the Church, here the main tool of aggression – the wickedness of Glebych and «vysocansky from the finger of all charges».

Like all really, let’s not argue, because advertising Nevzorov, trying to put him in a good light – it is very ungrateful. Too many he had wronged. If you do not know how to treat it, read a collection of his articles, released one a very interesting book «a brief history of cynicism», and think, what do you think about it.

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