The lessons of courage: childhood of Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt was not only one of the greatest presidents, he also was one of the greatest American men who ever lived. It embodies all the of manhood, he lived with energy and enthusiasm.

The identity is built since childhood, so the childhood of Franklin Roosevelt and today we stop their attention.

Childhood Of Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy’s life started off badly. He was a sickly child, asthmatic disease (that could lead to death) and short-sighted, so he got education at home. His father wanted the son was energetic, so Teddy was a disappointment to him. One day he took his son in his arms and said to him:

“Theodore you have the mind but you have no body, and without the help of the body the mind cannot develop fully. I give you the tools but it’s up to you to make your body masculine or not.»

Teddy didn’t hesitate with the answer:

«I’ll do my manly body!»

From this moment on, Roosevelt began to lead the so-called «busy lives». The aim was that every day was filled with energy and accomplishments. Theodore wanted to be fearless.

He immediately began to work on myself. He and his father built a gym equipment in the house, where Roosevelt, Jr., began Boxing and lifting weights. He began Hiking and climbing in the mountains in any weather.

Roosevelt was a well-built young man who were successful in the Boxing ring at the University and rowing. Even after he graduated, the doctor advised him because of a serious heart problem to find a sedentary job and avoid strenuous activity. Instead, Roosevelt decided to climb the Matterhorn. Roosevelt overcame his pain through willpower and discipline, so he didn’t want to relax and indulge their weaknesses for the rest of your life. To his sons he said,»I would rather die than to grow up a weakling.»

Roosevelt brought this uncompromising zeal in whatever he did.

Lessons from Theodore Roosevelt

  1. Set goals to overcome weaknesses. Don’t let your weaknesses hold you success. Sit at the Desk today and write a list of your own weaknesses. It can be slow, a bad habit or shyness. Do it, set a goal to overcome the weaknesses and come up with a plan with which you do it. If shyness is your weakness, set yourself a task every day to meet with three strangers. After a month of such exercises, your weakness will turn into strength.
  2. Hard work. Roosevelt showed us that just to set a goal is not sufficient to overcome weaknesses. You have to work at it. Hard work every day over the suppression of your inhibitions. Focus all your energy on a daily self-improvement.
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