The laws of etiquette, which is easy to forget the modern man

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2015_67I4n9NgSNM2sWe were all taught a little something… but not etiquette. So let’s fill in the gaps of education this list of universal rules that are beyond time and fashion, because it makes no sense to dream of a civilized state, yet live in it uncivilized monkeys who think etiquette is outdated archaic in our century of innovative technologies.

1. Never exaggerate.

2. Never betray trust.

3. Never laugh at other people’s problems and grief.

4. Never wikiway the nails and picking their teeth, while in the company.

5. In polite questions give polite answers.

6. Punctual and be able to appreciate other people’s time.

7. Don’t give gifts expecting to get something in return.

8. Never make promises that can not perform.

9. Don’t notice the scars or other defects someone from the audience.

10. Don’t mess with the wrong people.

11. Never look over the shoulder of a person who reads or writes.

12. Never read other people’s letters.

13. Do not show anger, impatience or panic when an accident occurs or a force majeure situation.

14. Do not pass without an apology between two people who speak.

15. Do not neglect the attention and help of friends.

16. Don’t leave the house, saying something nasty to a family member or friend.

17. Do not judge on clothes. Make conclusions after personal conversation.

18. Do not pull the blanket attention to yourself, being in a large company.

19. Never enter the room with noise and defiantly don’t slam the door, leaving it.

20. In the room, or transport, to give place to the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and women with children. And women as a whole, because educated people will never allow themselves not to show proper respect to the woman.

21. Never punish your child for mistakes that you tend yourself.

22. Do not give advice about someone else’s family life and on parenting other people’s children.

23. Never blame others or circumstances in your own mistakes.

24. Don’t answer the questions asked not you.

25. Don’t brag and don’t talk about their adventures and amorous exploits.

26. Never be rude to a woman, even if, in your opinion, she deserves it.

27. When traveling abroad, keep your patriotism in his hands. It is not necessary to shout about the achievements of his country in every bar and at every opportunity.

28. I do not comment on the clothes and physique stranger, and the more familiar people.

29. Do not enter the room filled with people, without a light bow of the head.

30. Never be shy to tell the truth.

31. Try not to take the money in debt. And always on time give it to me if this happened.

32. Answer an invitation, either personally or by letter during the day when you received the invitation.

33. Never refuse to accept an apology.

34. Never neglect the instruction that is entrusted to you my friend.

35. Never attempt to create the impression that you are a genius by imitating the faults of these geniuses.

36. Give his guest a pillow and blanket, if there is no extra kit. Needless to say, tuck them in clean linen.

37. Never take hosting without proper invitation to stay.

38. Remember that kind words cost nothing for you but bring great joy to whomever they are addressed.

39. Never come and visit without a call.

40. In the presence of a woman brought up a man smokes only with permission.

41. Don’t waste the smiles and pleasant things to strangers. Leave the best for people close to you.

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