The king says: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2015_M7l9X142mIhTHDude, if it happened that you are not fond of football or the last 15 years it does not look reported: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most outstanding forwards of our time. In what ways? In an unscrupulous game, crazy goals, unceremoniously dealing with the coaches and, of course, in the statements about themselves. In General, make yourself comfortable, today the striker, which stands for «Paris St Germain» and Sweden will share their wisdom.

1. «I have to pilot his own race»

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2015_yNiWUaiHUk6ECZlatan was born in Sweden of immigrant parents. Bosnian-Croatian marriage quickly disintegrated, Ibrahimovic left to live with his mother in the city of Malmo, where most of the immigrants are unemployed, live on welfare. Already then it became clear that the tall guy has a thorny path to glory. «When you’re a kid, be different, be daring, it was cool, He recalls. Now hangs in the balance a lot, and no one wants to be some kind of semi-wild immigranty did the Brazilian thing.» But as it turned out, it was the insolence and intransigence of the kid a worldwide star.

You were born what you were born. I mean destiny, Yes, destiny. Some things are happening – it’s fate, others are the fruit of hard work, but you’ll never learn quality.

2. Football is life the complex nature, Ibrahimovic on account of there are serious achievements. For example, replacing the 7 clubs in his career, he won 11 League titles in different countries. Throughout my career, the cost of the transitions of Ibra made up space the amount of 171 million Euro, a native of Malmo it is included in the city’s walk of Fame. In addition, over the 13 years of his career, the striker scored more than 350 goals, constantly gathering millions of views on Youtube and fall in the top best. That only is off the hook heel goal scored for inter in 2008?

I can play eleven positions because a good player can play anywhere.

3. Any authority

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2015_OV6xZElNXOu5dIt is worth noting that the brand «five» Ibri – the result of an early love for Taekwondo, kickboxing and karate. And if in classic view, martial arts teach peace and self-control, Zlatan used the acquired skills to properly kick ass opponents on the football field. In the Swedish language even has a special word to honor the uncompromising forward – «Zlatanera», which means «to dominate, to exert power.» Periodically, he bullied and teammates, not to relax and own vision and emotion often become a stumbling block in disputes with coaches, even the greatest. For example, in the dream club, «leopard», the Swede has played just one year: «Guardiola is a fantastic coach. But as a man he is a coward. He is not a man». His idol Ibrahimovic believes only the Brazilian counterpart in the role of Ronaldo, with whom he had a chance to play in the period of football personality. With modern football stars have Zlatan, of course, tensions.

Messi is natural while Ronaldo is a product of training.

4. Identity, self-irony, narcissism

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2015_NxtpW752qH3MqOriginality, irony and narcissism – the 3 pillars on which is the «star» player. Ibra, by the way, wrote a great autobiography «I am Zlatan», which in all modesty shared with the public and memorable moments of the career and secrets of personal life. Over the years of stay football glory and, therefore, under the constant supervision of the paparazzi, he managed to say a lot: friends, a gift to his wife, and hints at an unconventional relationship with Gerard Pique. Therefore, some quotes and I want to pull out of context and just enjoy it.

– It was the fault of David Trezeguet to make me drink vodka SIP by SIP. I slept in the bathroom. Now, my relationship with vodka is much better.

– What did I get her? Nothing. She already has me.

– Come home to me, and I’ll show you what I’m gay. And sister with a grab.

– Yes, Messi already has four Golden balls, but I can buy some candy in the machine, getting on the box.

– In order to win, a little effort of one person. You need to have a number of brilliant players. I was lucky that throughout my career I have played side by side with outstanding players.

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