The king of the African people stole a briefcase with the jewels

Unpleasant thing happened with one of the many African monarchs, when he arrived in a peaceful, quiet and with two or three suicides per year, Norway.

Otumfuo Osei tutu II arrived at a business conference in Oslo, stood at the front Desk when unknown snatched the suitcase with the jewels and was gone. At that time the protection of the king (aka he must be the other, there are all sorts of serious guys with spears, hand Panthers, and AK-47) is unknown.

Estimated value of the stolen toys is extremely difficult to call, because these jewels have been passed down from generation to generation of African kings.

And despite the fact that the official authorities are very ashamed of the fact that the Internet is no place for regret: most sarcastic comment on the situation with the robbery. Although users ask quite logical question: «What makes Asantehene in Oslo with gold, which was inherited from the other kings?». Also, the majority of inhabitants of the Internet believe that the monarch has long sold vintage tchotchke to cover his many debts.


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