The job that you deserve

We often speak about work, boring office, dull colleagues. Yes, and you yourself have been thinking that you have nothing to do in this company that you have outgrown it and you have nowhere else to strive for. Don’t forget, we always on your side and ready to support whatever informed decision.

Going to leave work? Forward! Although… Where would you go? Did you think about that? Not the fact, that the next job will be better than the last. Although we with full confidence can say that we know a couple of openings, you are sure you will approve.

You’re obviously not one of those guys that will vpahivat days and nights on the hated work. We took that and found some interesting professions that do not require much effort. You’re not going to bother and will really enjoy making new work. Already I wonder? Then let’s try to find something for you.

1. Collector designers

The job title speaks for itself. You just imagine! You and thousands of enemies locked in one room. A childhood dream that still possible to implement. You will collect LEGO pieces all day long. Swarm in the editor and create their own unique story — what could be better!

2. Professional hugger


Of course, this vacancy will be to your liking, if you need to take exceptionally beautiful girls. In any case, this profession exists and very popular in Japan and North America.

3. Clap


For you it is not a secret. If you ever watching TV, I ran across some TV show, then you probably saw the hall filled in the background: a lot of spectators came to see the shit live. Actually all these people are hired. If you want to be in their place, then look for a job «clap».

4. Naduvatel gum


Chewing gum, of course. Actually there is such a profession. Not enough to make the cud — it is necessary thoroughly to protest. Smooth consistency, pleasant taste, it is well stretched upon inflation of the balls? This is what you have to find out.

5. Taster sweets


Even more attractive place of work than the previous one. Hope you like snacks and you have no allergies to them. Did you hear about the guy from England who won one of the competitions for the right to taste new varieties of candies and sweets at one of the local factories? Man provided himself sweet for the next five years. Now every girl will be endless candy-bouquet period, and a fat ass.

6. Tester water slides


The first testers are the water slides was employed in 2013, he was Sebastian Smythe. The guy is lucky he gets the money for vacation and fun. By the way, he is not alone, this profession is starting to be popular.

7. The tester horror movies


It depends on these people, a horror story will be included in the rental this year. Directors are trying to do everything possible for the sake of the person who is testing their movie, shit in my pants. Apparently, hiring for this position is extremely cowardly people.

8. «The best job in the world»

That was the name of the contest, which was won by 34-year-old Briton. He was able to stand out of the 35 000 candidates, and he still got the job. This guy will live on Hamilton island on the Great barrier reef, blogging about events happening there, post pictures and videos and rarely giving interviews.

9. Tester condoms


Sam white, marketing Manager of the company Durex is hiring Australians over the age of 18 who can act as testers one of the 200 types of condoms produced by the company. Participation is free of charge. But those who fall among the «elect», will give the opportunity to choose the company’s products, which they need to provide a report after the «test» for 60 $. One of the 200 lucky people will win a bonus of $ 1000. Good prospects.

10. Taster pot


In the famous Amsterdam annually held exhibition of marijuana. Grass competes in several categories: the most beautiful color, the most delicious, most fun and strongest effect. The winner is determined by the tasters, each of which manages the day to try up to 30 different kinds of weed.

Well, you chose a couple of suitable vacancies? Now you can safely leave your boring and tedious work — you’re always going to find a new place and not in a dusty office.

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