The Jeroboam: to tolerate or not to tolerate?

manygoodtips.com_27.12.2013_JCSTUJ0ELDFCqAll my life I was skinny. The verge of thinness ranged from «skin to the bone as you’re not dead yet?» to «moderately lean, there was even cheeks, but my knees still stick out.» I have never had a weight problem, and it can be considered a small gift that God decided to give mediocre provincial asshole. Turn to him: thank you for that, okay?

However, not everyone was lucky. Someone to keep yourself in shape, you need to carefully to work on this: to follow the diet, exercise regularly and give up the slack is extremely rare. Such people, as I understand it, most or at least quite a lot. They are divided into two categories: those who follow him, and those who in the ass is not dug. Last rastirayutsya to obscene proportions — or to quite decent, but still not the healthiest. The percentage of fat of the company for such children is steadily increasing. Soon the calendar will change the digit denoting the year, and then fatties will be even greater. Don’t know is it good or bad. However, it is.

How to treat a Jeroboam? If I was fat, I guess the question would take me much stronger because the fruits of this relationship, I know myself. If there is someone brave, post in the comments how you relate. I really need to know.

In Internet Western struggle for influence two points of view on the issue: when fat shame or, conversely, accept. We have this little to say yet, but soon, local fans and opponents of fitness in any bombanet. What about the society? Make fat with all their reserves of fat or shame?

To understand, to forgive

On the one hand, it is possible to think: why someone else’s obesity should I? Really had not been potbellied men and excessively go out and date ass women? After all, before the society coped with it, why am I even thinking about this?

Indeed, fat was, is and Wang, sorry, they will always — as turds like the author, which is also nothing to be proud of. In this world many inevitable evils, which we are not able to change them only to accept humbly and to press the backside to any flat horizontal surface. We accept the common cold and even cancer, with bad weather and even natural disasters, and what there is, we have no choice, and we accept death — what’s the point to land just because someone is fat?

And then, the human body is still not himself. The fat content is only one aspect of identity, albeit not the most pleasant. If the person is fat, this does not prevent him to be at the same time, well-read, witty, nice, brave, small and reliable friend. The belly does not prevent a person to be a person with the undeniable advantages. One downside can not undo all the benefits, here’s the bollocks! And I’ve seen a lot of pot-bellied dudes, with many of them drank and they were happy.

One more thing. Lived with someone fat. Lives currently lives. I may meet him one time on the bus and podoidu when he through me out, smearing my glass — on this our contact will end. What do I care? How does it concern me? Why should I think that someone is fat? I don’t care if someone is bald, some red hair, and who have one leg. Let fatty fatty live my life, and I’ll be on my way. Right?

The rich internal fat

Remember the Soviet cartoon about a beautiful Princess that was lost and got to the Ogre, which isn’t eaten? In the middle of the creators pinned and said, «maybe it was the opposite?» and showed us the story of the obnoxious Princess and shagged her (oops, excuse the pun) of the eater. So, maybe it was the opposite?

Speak not concerning you fat? Well, they may not come to you and not touch you with his thick hands, but their presence (and though large) weight in the society affects the notion of the norm. The average rate of becoming thicker and thicker. Thicker and thicker. Will soon become quite normal to be paunchy, and nobody would see anything special about it. Just all will go and knock on each other bellies in greeting as oslianka Teletubbies. Sucks to be the norm.

If the extra weight was healthy and beautiful, I shut up. But no! It is not enough that ugly, it also harms health. I would even put up with the fashion in deformity: we’ve all done it, silently taking his pants with a bunt to the knees and pointy shoes at the beginning. We all know this is a sin apparently, so does human nature. With all this, I am strongly opposed to people considered normal early heart attacks and always complained of back pain. Probably from the excess weight, there are plenty of harm to health, so immediately just do not come to mind.

If obesity cannot be fought, as with the above-mentioned cancer, I’d shut up. But it is possible! Not to say that everyone can lose weight (when it comes to hormones, I raise the white flag and admit that you are too stupid for such disputes). However, when someone eats too much, it turns into complete idiocy. Slow suicide at the dinner table. Godspeed you fat if you fat on their own, but rather, apathy.

I remember in the beginning of the text it was about the fact that the body is not the whole person? Of course, not all, but a figure — especially excessive fat — says a lot about its owner. If the person is fat, it says that it is at least lazy, but that’s not all. He is also weak-willed, and loves to procrastinate, and, most likely, passive-aggressive (bold women from time to time they start whining about how they need to lose weight, and ask all around provocative questions about her figure, terribly offended when they answer truthfully). These people have a habit of ignoring the problem: they are not blind and see very well that fat, but continue to do nothing. They can themselves harm and no steam. They are completely devoid of a desire to improve. They people at all?

Instead of a conclusion

Sad to be a fat, sad nothing is done to fix it, and even sadder this is to go to all with his opinion on someone’s fat. Your personal opinion very few people are interested, especially if that someone can’t see you over her belly. However, this opinion must you have to be that one morning you woke up and saw you your stomach slid off the bed and resting peacefully on the floor.

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