The Japanese presented a screen with super high definition

There is always something to strive for, friend, because such a thing as perfection — a thing is unattainable.

Here, the Japanese company Ortus Technology has developed 9.6 inch LCD screen, which has 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 vertically. And this screen is the smallest screen in the world with similar resolution.

The pixel density on the screen is a little a lot of 458 pieces per inch. The only existing devices, which can be compared with the development of the Japanese dudes, it’s the HTC J Butterfly. The diagonal of this device is five inches and a resolution of 1080 at 1920 pixels the number of pixels per inch in this model is about 400.

The novelty has already found a good use: screens professional video equipment, scoreboard for medical devices. Of course, the new screens are perfectly suited to the already familiar to us devices.

It is noteworthy that the development was a founder of the new Ultra HD format. The first samples of the screens will be ready by November and will be shown at Electronica 2012 in Munich.

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