The Japanese have not received the Nobel prize, and Chinese — Yes!!

As always bro, the Nobel prize for literature he received the man of whom you never heard, so you: we never heard!

And got her Mo Yan that he is Chinese, he is 57 years old.

All the time go to favorites, Haruki Murakami, the stakes were very high. But as always, the jury is all broken off and chose a new winner.

By the way, the inhabitant of China receives the Nobel prize for the first time in history. The real name of writer Guan Mine, and the alias is translated as «be silent», «don’t tell.» His works certificate as «social commentary», in which there are complex, fascinating, and often brutal images» at least it says so on Wikipedia: Russian language writer translated is extremely rare and pieces.

But in the world, Mo Yan is full of fans who compare him to Marquez. The official jury, handed Mo Yanyu award in his speech also remembered Gabriel Garcia Marquez, praising the Chinese for success in the «hallucinatory realism».

Strange that this award was not given Pelevin (who was also nominated for an award), and «hallucinatory realism» he has no equal.

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