The Japanese have learned to «spy» dreams

The cunning Japanese not sit still. Not so long ago Japanese scientists have invented a method to predict the results of dreams, based on the results of functional imaging data.

These discoveries were first given a team of Japanese researchers led by Professor Ukieri Kamitani (Yukiyasu Kamitani) at a scientific conference in New Orleans.

The study was conducted as follows: subjects were placed in a tube of magnetic resonance imaging, where they had to try to sleep. Once the devices have been detected characteristic of the dream activity, they were awakened and asked what they dreamed of. Within the hour we have conducted several such cycles of sleeping and waking. The Japanese scientists have at their disposal about 200 of the contents of the dreams of the subjects.

Among these data, the researchers chose about twenty most of the key words (house, car, flowers, etc.), then subjects were shown pictures and recorded the result of brain activity. They also compared these patterns of excitation in the visual areas of the brain that accompany the appearance of the images in the dream and when they are viewed in the real world.

Using the obtained data, the Japanese teachings had learned to view data from a deep sleep and guess what is at the moment dreaming of sleeping in a magnetic resonance tomograph person. Simply put, now if someone will come to mind to sleep in the scary tube, any Japanese scientist will be able to view what erotic dreams are dreams, friend.


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