The issues, which she expects from you on the first date

manygoodtips.com_7.04.2014_RllPeQIUM5v0TFirst dates. Someone they like, and for someone is the worst thing you can think of. Just imagine: you are waiting for the awkward silence, attempts to find a common topic of conversation, an obsessive desire to impress a lady. And after the endless reflections on how it went: I watched what I said and stuff. Every girl is waiting for us some important questions that can move us forward on the way to bed or relationships. There could be as lucky.

Thanks to them, the date will go naturally, and she did not think that you have prepared in advance a list of questions.

These questions will force her to decide that you’re a weird guy, whom she’ll want to see again.

So banish it from your mind all thoughts that spoil a first date, and ask the right questions.

1. «What do you like to do?»

Such a simple and obvious question. People appreciate when they are asked about their lives in a simple accessible form. All these «do you Have any Hobbies?» or «What’s the last book I read?» it looks very far-fetched. When you are not the topic blurt out a question about the book she immediately will understand that you have prepared in advance. In addition, people are reading, a hobby not so much as it seems at first glance. «What do you like to do?» — the question is very streamlined, and it can answer each.

It is much better than the awkward: «How many brothers do you have?», «And sisters?» Ask her what she likes to do, and you kill two birds with one stone: let her talk about herself and show interest in her. She’ll know you’re not one of those guys who ask all the girls the same thing. It is simple and banal, but the most advantageous wording of the question.

2. «Tell your favorite story»

If she’s surprised, I can add «personal Favorite» or «Invented or happened to anyone.» Frankly, a rather unusual question with which she had ever encountered. She can share a funny story, and you’re back to your funny story. She will share a fictional story from a book or movie, you tell something to your favorite. It is a pleasant exchange of courtesies, which can move you from one topic to another, and so a few times.

3. «Tell the most embarrassing story in my life»

Don’t forget to add: «within reason, of course!» She definitely won’t tell you anything too intimate, this is a pretty nonsense in the spirit of «I Forgot my bag with the record book, and the teacher got so upset!» Can you remember exactly the same story, and together you will laugh. And laughter brings! By asking this question, you show her that she is quite close to you and deserve attention, because you’re ready to hear her secret is a personal thing and something that she can’t tell anybody. This creates the emotional exchange of information which means nothing but still makes you closer. It is recommended to ask this question closer to the end of the date.

4. «What in your life was the worst?»

This story stimulates the release of adrenaline, even if she’ll tell you about a large cockroach that was creeping to her sapoka, or a story about a parachute jump. Unlikely on the first date she will share with you something very personal. When we tell the story of life in which there is an element of fear and surprise, we feel excitement. Let not such strong, as at the time in question, but it worries us. But it also brings. After a date the girl won’t remember the entire conversation in detail (of course, if she had not a perfect memory), but the emotions will definitely remember.

5. «What do you like about it?»

This question can be put to anything to extend your communication and deepen it. «What do you like about your job?» «What do you like about this movie?», «Why are you interested in this hobby?» It is desirable to Supplement his lack of understanding in the spirit: «I Wonder what you like about this hobby? I never thought that it could so delight the people!» These questions ooze genuine interest and show that you are interested to listen to it and not to dominate the conversation, enjoying his own voice. In addition, each of the above issues is better than a reaction like, «Oh, yeah? My cousin is also an economist and he too goes to the gym!», or «My mom cross-stitching. It turns out beautiful.»

6. «What’s your favorite holiday?»

I will not say that this is the original question, it just leads us to what you can ask her: «what’s so special happened on this holiday? Where you been, where you especially liked?» So the conversation can be displayed on camping trips or traveling in other countries. Easy and simple.

7. «I see you like to travel. Where have you been? Spill it!»

Ask her about traveling abroad and on the territory of our country. Ask about the wonderful places where she visited. Repeat the fifth question. Tell a story about one of your travels. Don’t lie! This is not worth it. Take an interest in where she wants to go. Hint, he also does not mind to go there.

8. «Your best memory?»

Girls are more willing to talk than to listen, but that doesn’t mean you have to be silent. You can say more, but give her the impression that the star of the evening. After a series of non-committal words about the interests, Hobbies and the weather you begin this marathon the best/scary/funny memories, but it is better to choose only a few of them, otherwise the conversation would look too contrived and the notes.

This question is best ask in the beginning of the marathon of memories to create a warm friendly atmosphere of trust. In addition, it is easy to talk about her priorities. Got a promotion at work? She cherishes career. Her work took first place in the painting competition? She cherishes a hobby. Best memory of the trip! She loves to travel.

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