The issues for discussion

brooding guy

We so often rush, man, no time to think. And it is in vain. There are lots of questions, the answers to which will help you better understand yourself and the world. Better to think of them in the morning and before bed, and when you go somewhere: in such moments detach myself from everything and focus on yourself. You can answer all these questions?

1. If you had the opportunity to submit a 30-second speech to the world, what would you say?

2. If you knew that you would die at midnight, what would you do at 23:45?

3. How could you possibly know anything?

4. If you had all the money in the world and you would still had to work, what work would you choose?

5. When you’re 90, what will excite you the most?

6. Do you have any regrets in your life?

7. What lesson did you get and what you do today, not to make the same mistake?

8. What would change in your life if one hundred percent were aware that God exists? Or, if you believe that would change if it turned out that it definitely not?

9. If tomorrow you lost everything, who would you go for help? Does this man how much he means to you?

10. Are you afraid of death? If so, you have what is the reason?

11. What would you change if you knew for certain that never dies?

12. If you were standing at the gates of heaven and asked you, «Why should you enter?», what would you say?

13. When you admit that you’re good enough? Where is the turning point, after which, you’ll be happy in yourself everything?

14. The country in which you live, really suits you better than others?

15. What would be said about you at your funeral?

16. Any change you could do to someone’s day better?

17. If you believe in God, what would have changed your attitude, if it were known that he is really a she?

18. What separates you from complete happiness?

Do you have any more questions for reflection. Or do you want to share your answers? Waiting for you in the comments, dude!

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