The iron porcelain throne for fans of «Game of thrones»

Dude, you have probably heard about a gorgeous film adaptation of the fantasy books by George R. R. Martin’s «a Song of ice and fire». In a cruel cynical world, a lot of fans, it is not surprising: a great story, wonderful characters, a beautiful world. And who am I kidding? Sex, porn, beautiful women’s Tits — that’s the key to success.

The Internet floats a lot of photoshopped pics of your favorite heroes, people began to buy and download books, and some craftsmen made the toilet…

In the form of the throne of the Seven Kingdoms, of course. Actually, it’s not even a toilet, and a sticker on it. Inventors joking that «this «throne» approved by the Robb stark, ned stark and Lannister all stripes».

Is an amazing vinyl sticker $ 30, and for men in the subject worth the money.

The slogan under which it is sold is: «You can finally shit like a Lannister!» (You finally can shit like a Lannister!»)


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