The Internet turns you gay and a terrorist

As you probably know, the Americans are brewing election. One of the brightest aspire to the high seat candidates – Donald trump. So, recently this person with something indescribable on his head (don’t get me wrong, as a businessman we wildly respect) has proposed to close the Internet.

«We lose many because of the Internet,» said trump, adding that the closure of the Internet will help in the fight against extremists that recruit Americans in a terrorist organization. However, then added that that he needed to speak with someone he knows like bill gates, because he personally has no idea how to do it.

Later, trump took the bait symbol of America – the bald eagle. Coincidence? I don’t think.

It used to be better

I was reminded of all the people screaming stuffed parliamentary immunity and life experience, as Kurt Cobain heroin, that the Internet takes away the childhood, takes time, and generally makes people narrow-minded idiots. Some of the very active «screamers» eating a via the Internet products from a sex shop and boys for carnal pleasures, but it’s not about that. They show photos of some of Tanzania or the Philippines, where barefoot kids running in the rain barefoot Brooks – so shall proceed forth in the captured vomiting, drooling and tears of emotion: «Ah, what happy children! How lucky they are to have a normal childhood, no smelly computation!» Really happy childhood, with disease, hunger, high infant mortality and other delights. The same want? Gentlemen, one of the features of a developed society is its high computerization. In the Philippines there is no such. So we have to degrade, because the Internet is an obvious evil, and all the opportunities – like side effects that to good arguments. Therefore, increasing the generation of freaks.

Let me remark: there is not a bad generation, just different. And now more.

The Experiment Of Miller

American journalist Paul Miller did an experiment, trying for a year to live without the Internet. I am sincerely glad that he dared to embark on this experiment, because the main idea, which passed a Floor, he used it incorrectly. Although we tend to believe that this feat Miller pushed familiar to any journalist thirst themes. In the end, he had the considerable benefit of the annual follows: total fame, made a documentary, and his «punishment» was reported as a diary in his native magazine The Verge. Do Gender all the time in good faith refrained and even porn was not looking, hard to understand. Although, maybe he had thoughtfully downloaded. Such a person may not, without «daring video» on his face that he is willing to pay a subscription for PornHub. But it’s not about that.

The whole point of his epoch-making experiment is that «he began to read more pages a day, I realized that paper books not e-worse, a lot of people saw his act a feat.» Well, of course, platitudes like: «After the failure of SMS and tweets my sister, who could not endure conversation with me, became my best companion.» Sorry, it’s stupid and pointless, like for example… make sure to break the law ill after anal humiliation in prison.

There are many online nerds» that flow into ecstatic delight from the smell of printer’s ink and lies in the bibliographic Nirvana to catch second-hand orgasms, as soon as their fingers touch the book spine. If you do not restrict web browsing basic surfing information, and thoughtless self-assertion in the review, it is possible to make many useful things. Thanks to the Internet my friend studied all the classics of movies, loved this path and is now studying to be a Director. Another, including a computer just for games, «Dacha» and communication of the once-popular forums, suddenly realized that this is a limitless platform for self improvement. Now I am ashamed to argue with him about philosophy and literature, because, talking with him, I feel awful silly mustache victim of Boris Burda. This is despite the fact that I was older than him. But comrade, like the unfortunate Mr. Miller (not the one that manages our gas, we are talking about a journalist), just 12 years «lived» in the network, using even the godless cards and raspy, belting out like a nervous Turkey, the modem.

The perpetrators will find

It is clear that in the Internet age one person awake hard to live without benefits. But to abandon it all? That is, to abandon the universal language of communication and to take a step back? Sorry. First they said that the blame for the TV. Then complained about rock music, even earlier – on literature now required to study in school. When the ladies said to go without a corset like death, and washed only those who are unclean before God. And the ability to write thought unworthy of men and the fate of the monks in the cells. In fact, the lion’s share of medieval rulers did not know how to write.

And now all the dogs down on the Internet. Supposedly, it leads to dullness. Once again: we live in an age of high-tech, and the dullness results in a MIS-education. If you raised a child an idiot, incapable of understanding that ISIS is bad and to kill any God is stupid and sinful, he will join the ranks, do the circumcision at the root, and will justify the inherent cruelty and lust to kill faith.

But with friends you haven’t talked to only two reasons: either you’re lazy or you’re not interested with them. I will say, if not for the Internet and social networks, you would often have met, talked on the phone – not powdered brains. Normal people always find a reason to meet. By the way, sometimes it is better to laugh at memes, than it is pointless to argue about politics, and quarrel with a man for years (really two years did not communicate).

And that is without Internet?

At the end of the experiment, Miller realized that it’s not on the Internet. Life without a network is not opened as he dreamed of, Paul Miller, she proved that the real Paul Miller can’t live without the net, it is better to have one friend in Facebook than any in real life. The same friend went to China, and to call him, he could not. WhatsApp, Viber and Skype too have been the victim of content. The Internet erases borders and brings. Parents the Floor was calmly watching him via Skype, than to hear on the phone. Well, about the workflow even say pointless.

By the way, the journalist can not do without the Internet: it surrounds him everywhere, even at work. Whoever says the opposite, he retired due to the fact that he could not master the operational work of the network. And could my companion, a novice documentarian, to send his brilliant debut album titled «Pumpkin ass» one master of documentary journalism from another city? Would he agree about the shooting on the other end of the country? No.

Not all are allowed in the network

Of course, even on the Internet should be some standards of behavior. Psihbolnym it is necessary to prohibit independent access to the network, the students of younger age, too (note to parents who buy their children a meaningless smartphone is already 6 years old). Older people – only with the permission of the doctor because of the nonsense written by the all-knowing fingers some forty individuals, most of these species should be planted.

And about terrorism and extremism… Mr. trump, brave brothers-the Israelis came up with a great way to punish terrorists: destroy house in which they lived, even if in this house lives a family. Maybe even as you begin to understand that their offspring must follow. Can the Internet cut off. A terrorist is certainly a relative who is in fear of losing the most expensive will personally kill him, noticing the tendency to extremism.

And on the Internet all that funny, ahahaha, this is great! Tell you how people looked at the entire Internet, live by Internet and learned a lot of knowledge via the Internet. And believe me, we all have arranged personal life, we communicate with friends without abandoning social networks. Dulls not «Vkontakte», dulls wrong education. And if the person has a brain and goals, he will be able to filter information and monitor the time. Other isolate along with politicians who believe that all the ills of 4sһapa, and not on their stupid heads.

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