The Internet is evil and a waste of time: neuroses, anxiety and the world wide web people believe that the Internet is evil. I personally believe that we should not be so categorical. The Internet itself is a good thing. He simplified access to information, to communication, has become a testing ground for earning money and gave work to many people. Another thing that the Internet has become a place for those who are a parasite on the human psyche, pouring out his anger shows its weakness and is banal provocateur. The Internet allows people to become leaders of groups of hamsters, not having a special charisma to convince myself and many other people in ridiculous conspiracy theories (theological, political, conspiratorial, a conspiracy of the sexes, etc.). The Internet is a powerful tool which is designed to turn us into Superman, but turned into subhumans. But the most unpleasant that to blame we should first place ourselves, and how we use products of high technology. The following is a partial list of the terrible things we do online almost every day. This list of things to avoid so your brain zohavali. It is not necessary to create theories of conspiracy, if a conspiracy exists, the blame only make sense to himself.

1. Increase the number of anxiety

There are a number of blogs, websites and groups in social networks that are configured to conspiracy theories. These theories, notifications, and other paranoid delusions often lead us involuntarily to feel that everything goes wrong. The West wants to capture us, the government serves as a kind of the Jewish Freemasons and the world is some nuclear shit, which you don’t know. This, of course, the reason for the excitement, but most often it is enough to look around and keep your nose to the wind, to understand when things get squirrelly. Often not comes. When you are anxious, it is not necessary to go into the blogs paranoid leaders hamsters and worrying that everything is going wrong. I’m not saying it’s okay that we all go into the bright future. I have all this to mean that you won’t be able to do anything. Better learn to catch up here, that’s for sure going to need it.

2. The dependence on the cool and katenochek video

No, sometimes it’s nice to see a comic or picture. But if at any minute you go to a site all a group Vkontakte, Youtube and other resources to see something funny and to laugh you fell into addiction. And not to blame the Internet, blame you, I can’t stop indulging their laziness and low needs. But you looked at them in the morning for Breakfast, why have some more time to look during the day? We ought to begin to work! I realized that too much of funny pictures when my list of bookmarks and groups «Vkontakte» became obscenely large. The page I deleted, and instead the images of funny was to read the book and a few websites with articles and news to be more or less in the trend. As I have the sites bookmarked? 10. in one of them.

3. Check smartphone, «Vkontakte», «soap» and other things very often

Perhaps, this dependence on information or substitutes craving for attention, fuck knows. Some guys specifically, but quite unconsciously turn off the sound and vibrate the phone to flip it and see if they something interesting. In fact, if you go really radical and remove yourself from all social networking, leaving only the necessary for work, you can feel freer. First, of course, will break, seriously. Sometimes even reminiscent of the time when I quit Smoking. But then I felt truly free. When start the page again, no breaking was not to check for updates and messages desire does not arise.

4. To be on the bright headlines

One time I noticed on bourgeois sites a new wave of interest in conspiracy theories about fast food, in particular, of course, around McDuck. At one time there was a study about the secret menu, which was very different from the proposed standard. Then came the information that some teacher forced his students there are on a 2000 calorie a day McDuck, with them nothing ever happened and even their weight has not changed. A little later came the traditional boring information about what McDuck in some kind of spice that make people more wanting to eat. It is obvious that Applebee’s is not the healthiest food. I don’t even understand how you can seriously not be interested in politics, the situation in Ukraine, news of the world, and some strange gossip. It’s the same every year. Read the headline? Why bother to open this link? It is additional too much information and not enough, as another reason for concern.

5. To read articles more than two or three sites

Usually we have a few sites that write a relatively large informative and entertaining article. For example, our If you have a list of sites that you read almost all of the updates exceeds the coveted number 3 and the number of articles you read per day more than 10, you’re wasting your time. There are some guys that are on the Internet surfing and begin their day with a victory lap around the sites in favorites. In a small amount is normal, more than 3 is a waste of time. And then these people claim that they have not enough time to read books, well, well, dude, who did you fill in?

6. Interested in life of stars

The hell are you reading a virtual «yellow press»? Are you insane, man. When someone truly begins to obmusolivat removal of the breast of some Hollywood stars or strange clothing and a young rising dance stars, you also get stuck in a dialogue and begin to post memes and discuss it with someone in your Twitter? You really have nothing better to do or someone else’s life appeals to you more? The more you’re interested in someone else’s life, the more boring your, remember this.

7. More than twenty tabs open

You parallel interested in several things, nedoschityvaetsya one article, going to the other and back to first? This reduces your ability to concentrate on certain things, you’re not assimilating information and are just wasting time. Of course, if you multitask, it doesn’t stop. But Ah, not so much.

8. Contradictory sayings and quotes

What I don’t like groups of citations and their use, so that they often taken out of context of the work or any conversation with the author. As the person well familiar with the works of Nietzsche, I can say that most of his quotes, taken out of context, you can relate at all to anything, even to the faith, even to atheism, at least towards conservatism, while liberalism. It acquires meaning only in the work. People who don’t want to go to the source, lazy and uninteresting, at some point suddenly realize that their favorite quotes contradict each other. If any Interaural education in the form of a brain they realize that most of these phrases do not carry meaning and something original, meaning if carries, it is only the works from which they are made. Therefore, the citation is the worst thing that has still not disappeared from the Internet.

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