The Internet immerses us in a depression

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_TIEiNRVZ8WvdjNervous? Not getting enough sleep. Recent studies have shown the direct relationship of these processes. When you sleep less, you depression, and when you’re depressed, you lose sleep. For this reason, our bodies are operating at only half power. Another interesting point: even if you don’t sleep and spend the allotted sleep time on the Internet, you’re still depression. Therefore, everything is interconnected: sleep, mood, and the Internet. Than we spoil your mood.

1. Study other people’s past

Know why every time I fear when I go on VK? There is a search bar — that’s where my stumbling block. For some reason this place provokes in me an odd twinge of masochism. This irrational desire to find your ex or the ex of my girlfriend and see how these people live. As a result, you actually climb into the jungle, dig up the old third stage, you see a long time outdated lovely comments and photos from celebrations in unknown places, where strangers fuck hugs your friend that you did not even know. You compare all with each other: with him, his current girl and your friend looking for something in common. Enough. Save your strength. They will be needed for this case.

2. The memories of his past

Year 2007 I had fun to the fullest: he was the owner of the bangs and black-and-white striped t-shirts, hung out all day with the same fools, go to concerts, occasionally worked part time, distributing Newspapers or translating the tour for the Germans. Three years later I had a very interesting group of friends, I drove to hitchhike where Makar calves did not drive, was at music festivals. That was the life! Thanks to the Internet I can revive the memory of these days and see how I’m all bored. Yes, in these pics I was a few years younger, I know how to have fun and not worry about a bunch of pointless things. I romantisize past and do not remember how freezing during the automatic stop of the way and more than anything wanted to eat borsch and to wash. In short, nothing good in such memories: they are still dishonest.

3. Black hole Wikipedia

As much as possible from article about Ivan the terrible go to the page about the history of basketball? It’s all Wikipedia’s fault. Read about the Second world — you get to AIDS. It is inevitable. Did you know about the game «Spot the Hitler»? The point is that absolutely any article on Wikipedia you can go to the article on Hitler in six clicks. It’s almost like the theory of six degrees of separation is only six clicks, and the result is inevitable Hitler.

4. Black hole YouTube

Most likely, it’s worse than Wikipedia. All these related videos on the right side lead anywhere — and it is not immediately clear what they look like. I recently watched a movie about how two dudes in the kitchen singing a cover of don’t say which group, and was listed in a similar video «the Cat went crazy! Lol». Don’t even try to find logic here.

5. Google tips for sex and feeling inferior

Everyone is interested in trying new things in sex in the first place. Then people just do not get up! Some things are unthinkable, some are banal to the gnashing of teeth, and as a result you feel boring default average citizen who doesn’t even want to put his ass Sparkler or at least pickles. Even sadder for those who have no friend with which to practice. You could watch porn, but it is also a sign of depression. Some traps.

6. The envy of those who are online with your phone

In the evening you sit in front of computer and see how the people with the phones updates statuses and post photos from parties. Although, on the other hand, something to envy, if they can not stop to think and forget about the social network even for a minute?

7. Instagram, celebrities and other rich people

In the morning your brain can hardly distinguish filter «Amaro» from the sun’s rays that are so beneficial to paint someone else’s penthouse. Here is the reality collides with fiction. You bad: how to live without the penthouse? — so you still see there is such nice light. On Instagram, it looks more beautiful than in life. And we all fall for it.

8. Not finding a good movie

What do you wanna watch tonight? The show? No, it’s chewing gum for the brain, with them only grows dull. Comedy? And now some Comedy… not Funny Comedy. Don’t want Comedy. Action? The brain shuts down when tired to perceive rapid movements. Fantasy? Let the trps. Drama? Yes, I have the most life is a drama where I was even in the movie? Classics? Too seriously. A documentary film? A cartoon? What is it with me, I don’t want!

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