«The inner core»


Good day. I have two questions… is it True that a man’s essential inner core, and how to get it? Thanks in advance!


Uh, dude, inner core — another crap from pseudopsychology. The core is the mythical organ that gives people a +9000 to the coolness, strength and ability to attract members of the opposite sex. Everything is explained simple: the «inner core» — is the character the ability to say «no» and the presence of motivation to do anything. Often inner core know kind of wrong m*demotest. Although it is also possible to combine the concept of «character».

Character and ability to say «no», regardless of gender and age. It makes us real individuals (however pathetic it may sound). If you don’t have these two valuable qualities, you will drive all and Sundry: from relatives to strangers. And then you just don’t want to because, believe me, to respect you. Remember that a dick and a man of character — two different people. They differ in the same way as m*Dak is the alpha male.

Ways to discover and develop his character a lot, you can watch here the compilation or this one. They will help you to understand how a normal guy with character and eggs (however, this is one and the same) and what qualities he does not. Most importantly, of course, not be bothered on how the real man looks, because actually there is no such person!

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