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Many bro vitally want to gain weight and become big, imposing and strict. And the output really exists. Soon we will tell you about the diet in order to become great. On the Internet you can easily find thousands of articles on how to gain muscle mass and become terribly severe. But they all have very common problems:

1. They are not the target audience. The difference between an ordinary man and 35-year-old untrained man with excess weight are obvious.

2. They do not explain in detail how best to achieve, and this is important.

3. They have no specific purpose.

The people who read it all, have problems with learning:

1. They are unable to comply with program 2 weeks.

2. They do not adhere to planned exercise, do not increase loads and are at one and the same.

3. They expect effect after one or two days.

4. They suffer from muscle pain and do not know how to relax after a workout., 9.08.2013, VKInkPxCqc8xzooNc2KIBp97YKCMeNwQ

In order to grow muscle you need to eat like a champion, and right to ride like a champion. We will give an example of exercises that you should include in your exercise program so they will give you a bold ninety percent of success. However, strength training can do only these exercises, especially when the gym is less time.

These exercises are a lot of ducks called the «Golden six», which is true, because unlike any strange «Rod Arnold» these exercises seem to have come to us almost from the stone age and have been successful so far. This exercise:

  1. Squats.
  2. Deadlifts.
  3. Twisting on the horizontal bar.
  4. Bench press bar over head.
  5. Horizontal pull horizontal bar to itself.
  6. The pull-UPS.

Here it is — the «Golden six», which will help you become big and strong. Of course, I don’t want to be nastaveniami man and say that for a normal workout in the gym enough. As a rule, the training can and should include other exercises to develop all groups of muscles and so your body is not used to the old loads, but these six exercises will help you to always be in shape.

Also for mass, perfect squats. Ideally for each workout you can choose a bar weight of one and a half his own. If you weigh eighty pounds, squat with a barbell ideally, with a weight of 120. For beginners it would be good to try something less than their own weight to gradually to squat with a barbell your weight. These figures are calculated by experts, so don’t argue!

Don’t dwell on the number of repetitions, it is better to work on technique exercises. Feeble attempts to pull the entire body weight not only that, look pathetic, and well beaten on their joints and health in General. Never underestimate the pain of sprains and injuries.

Here are examples of few workouts to put on weight.

Exercise 1

  1. Squats: three sets of as many times as you do it. Deep squats, proper. To further increase the number of approaches and monitor the equipment.
  2. Crunches on flat bench: three sets as you can. You can further increase the number of approaches, or to take up the load, such as a pancake from the rod.
  3. Horizontal pull horizontal bar to itself: three approaches, more and more.
  4. Rise on the toes, hold for a few seconds at the top, then lowered. Good for calves.

Exercise 2

Deadlifts. 1-2. The number of repetitions for the beginner — 5.

Bench press bar above the head (three sets).

Pull UPS (three sets).

Breeding hands with dumbbells while standing (three approaches). Take two dumbbells of 10 kg each.

The number of repetitions in one approach each as you can!

Perfect days for working out at the gym three times a week there is here such circuit: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is the perfect training schedule with consideration of recreation and exercise.

Progressive training

To achieve greater effect, we offer you some time to implement a progressive workout. Take the neck without weights working with him for a while, then add to it five pounds with two sides, work with them, the next approach — another five pounds. Do 3-4 approach. Try to increase the initial weight every workout So you can reap the rod both standing and on the horizontal bench.

It is worth noting a few things.

First, for 12 weeks to work on progression. Try not to miss. Muscle pain is progress, no pain in muscles — the same progress that suggests that you’re ready to lift more weight.

The procedure of recruitment of muscle mass is you have depending on your physique from three to six months.

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