The house of Jesse Pinkman (breaking bad) on sale

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2015_3NVFKP4Sat2VsIf you want to buy the lair of Jesse Pinkman, you’ll have to hurry. The house from the TV series «breaking bad» is already on sale. The building is located in Albuquerque, new Mexico. On the website where is the information on the house, there are following arguments in favor of the fact that you decided to buy this miracle: the high importance of the series as a cultural phenomenon, great architecture, good location (the house is between the «old city» and the city center), elegant neighborhood which has retained the original architecture of the twentieth century.

It was a bribe.field.ua_29.07.2015_AQrUroo1b33UQ

The house is completely renovated, while maintaining original flooring, which was used during filming. There are two floors and four rooms. Unfortunately or fortunately, the «meth lab cooking meth not included».

The cost of this stuff – 1 600 000$.

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