The house is built of unusual materials

Most of us have dreams about your house, but unfortunately, not most of us can afford it. But do not despair, because the house is not necessary to build of brick, a building material sometimes literally lying under their feet or in a landfill. Some guys build their own housing from the most unusual materials, for example:

From beer boxes

A copy of the oldest cafes in Nivelles, Belgium. Only this store is made of 14 000 empty cases of beer Carlsberg. Construction began in August 2007 in an attempt to set a new world record for the largest buildings from the boxes of beer., 24.07.2013, Ewt6iYfjI9WRqkaW19wjaAvbfVHFIfmh


In 2009, Top Gear presenter James may and about 1,000 volunteers built the world’s first house made out of Legos. The construction took 3.3 million plastic bricks. The house has a toilet and shower., 24.07.2013, eUYMCQp3KPbZJgum9tl4OUqHPkCo6jrE

Made of bamboo and seeds

A Chinese worker built this unusual house the «egg» because he could not afford to rent an apartment in Beijing. This cabin made of poles of bamboo, bags of seeds and wood chips. The house stands in the courtyard of the residential complex., 24.07.2013, EVnUTIBbqvEhjBlMNqO7m2vhm4V109H8

From bottles

Artist Tito Ingeneri from Argentina built a house of more than 30,000 bottles., 24.07.2013, mTZ6Yj0T8gm2uWXLAe9TDvUpInmHsvCK

Of sandbags

Palestinian in the southern Gaza strip have built a house of sandbags. He used sand instead of cement, steel and gravel., 24.07.2013, svFRcRwVBbov9JVTgBowfJpDXU0g4ym5


Herbal house in Hardangervidda in Norway., 24.07.2013, ZzlkYKR7CbA3wOYjwXQZFu6Ai2xpNZbu


This Metal hut, originally built as barracks for the soldiers of the Second world war, has become a modern home thanks to the skill and ingenuity Ann Lewis and her husband. In October 2006 the house was for sale for almost $600 000., 24.07.2013, 1mEvGgbZMJEmpEgSatYGyIajUnbnSYG4

From garbage

This house was built almost entirely of garbage, including old tires., 24.07.2013, B2Twvh3a8KTgg1mwdLLv9r1KOWffIkwZ


Porcelain Museum «Chinese House» in the coastal town of Tianjin is covered with millions of pieces of ancient chinaware and 20 tons of crystal. The construction lasted five years., 24.07.2013, dKf2ICLDvKazXo95Eg0a31KnfO2pTDGu


The ice hotel in Sweden — the world’s first ice hotel. The temperature in the room is equal to -5° C, 24.07.2013, UdI8ZkO24xZZ2WJSGJmsRBDRCudhsvIo

From containers

In East London using old shipping containers and turn them into residential areas. Construction company «Management of urban space» have arranged more than 15 such homes., 24.07.2013, Z2Cr1Ng3kFCoTnH9FEzz9nW9xFXpe1Mw

From plastic bottles

76-year-old Maria Pons built a house out of plastic bottles because she couldn’t afford to buy a more comfortable house., 24.07.2013, TDF0UAlOU6b6prIr56GRLpFZwUjrs3eW


Some Caroline Barry built a house out of straw, wood and plastic bottles., 24.07.2013, F3cj5H9u5JGdXufQtJusumTEKzJEeLaA

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