The history of the development of the organization

Skateboarding originated in Sunny California, where the local surfers are very sad from the fact that are not able to arrange a ride on the waves in a mirror calm. They are so stuck longing that they, without hesitation, just put the wheels to the boards or the boxes for fun and took to the road.

It was around in the forties of the last century, when wooden boxes were replaced by boards of pressed layers of high-quality wood. You can call them grandpa skateboards, in whose image and likeness was created by a modern Board.


But riding on such a primitive is not perceived with respect to until the early 1960s, the popularity of skateboarding has increased thanks to the magazine Skateboarder Magazine, and manufacturers of surfboards, realizing what a gold mine, began to produce the first factory skateboard. They had a similar appearance: a practically flat horizontal shape, wide sides at the center, narrow nose and tail. The wheels were made of iron or hard materials based on ceramic compounds, and the suspension was very narrow.

Despite the fact that skateboarding began to develop his own style and started the first competition, the interest quickly faded, but in 1970, when they began to evolve, specialized firms, who to this day are world famous, for example, Vans and Burton on Board remembered and poured out to him the former passionate love.


The key moment in this history was the creation of polyurethane wheels for skateboards. The invention Nasworthy Frank was revolutionary and provoked a powerful impetus to further development. The wheels have ease and picked up speed much faster. There are companies that are engaged in the production of specialized hangers for the practice of skateboarding. The boards were much wider and longer bends on tale increased.

Love to the boards was like an epidemic that has hit the spot all advanced youth. Every major manufacturer of boards began to appear a professional team of young and talented skaters, built a cool platform for training. The most famous team California steel California Zephyr, or Z-Boys, and their leader, Alan Gelfand, in 1878, invented and carried out within a radius of a trick called ollie.

The trick was this: kick back legs for Talu Board and pulling the front foot of the bow to align the Board in the air were carried out jump a small distance from the ground. Ollie became the basis to perform other, more complex elements.

The Z-Boys were also famous by the legendary Jay Adams, who was nicknamed master of the soundboard, despite the fact that he was the youngest member of the band.

Classic skate genre of cinema are films from team Bones Brigade, which included the cult of personality, known to everyone who is somehow connected with the world of skateboarding: Tony hawk, Steve Caballero, lance mountain and Rodney Mullen is one of the most influential skaters of all time. Rodney moved trick ollie on a flat surface, and invented most of the basic flip tricks such as kickflip and bs 180 flip.


But with the popularity and increased the number of accidents: the doctors of the trauma did not have time to clean up and re-collect the parts especially daring and reckless knob.

Fear of stagnation, producers of upgraded boards skateboards: the Board has added much centimeters in width, and the tail part increased the bend. Developed specialized and thematic printed publications began to appear the first video skating the most famous at that time skateboarders. With such a high quality marketing and a broken arm is not so terrible, because there is one.

After the release of the film «Video Days» by Blind in 1991 a new era began, which marked the beginning of modern skateboarding in the form in which it exists to this day.

Skaters massively rushed from parks and special venues on the street attacking all that is bad or is. Mark Gonzalez became the first man who showed a real street skateboarding. He was doing difficult tricks on rails and benches, affecting the minds of his contemporaries the incredible level and imagination of the city of Catania.

The late 90s early 2000s — the peak popularity of modern skateboarding: advertising, movies, clips, competitions with breathtaking prize pools — Street League, Maloof Money Cup, X Games and more.


Nike, Adidas, Red Bull is beginning to gather a team of the most famous skateboarders and release skateway products, thereby affecting the industry from the inside.

The level of tricks has increased tenfold, the requirements of athletes and competition, respectively, too.


The history of this popular form of street culture is still very young and, despite the skeptical forecasts and grumbling on the subject, that nothing new would be invented and the best days behind us, the Board which has become an integral part of life for millions of skateboarders, it is unlikely ever to be abandoned on the dusty attics of our past, because this movement has a huge army of fans around the world, ready to do everything possible to do their favourite thing to ride on a roller Board.

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