The history of shaving. Part 2 the history of shaving, which, as it turns out, the roots of the hair goes right into the past hundred thousand years. In this issue, we understand the intricacies of the stories shaving beards in Russia, the appearance of a normal razor from Gillette and the first mechanical and electric razors.

Beard and shaving in our country


After the baptism of Rus has established the mandatory wearing of beards in any of the Orthodox husband. No matter what thick or Vice versa the person with the beard — most importantly, it’s available. At the time of the split in the two branches of the churches of the Orthodox Greeks has brought charges against the Romans that they broke one of the rules is a ban on Bracebridge in Scripture: «do not shave your brad…» (Lev.Of 19.27). The Romans paid more attention to hygiene and the Orthodox on trudnosti compliance with all rules. Beards are enshrined in law, and Bracebridge was considered a sign of sodomy. For «Patagonia» mustaches and beards have appointed hell of a fine of 12 grivnas for comparison, to kill a man was worth three times as much. So, the beard is a third person. This ban lasted for nearly seven hundred years. Bradobreja considered effeminate, homosexuals and somehow compared with cats and dogs.

But that all changed when the dude came Peter the great, to whom Russia’s attitude is quite contradictory. But personally, I fucking love it. First, the king introduced compulsory shaving of beards in 1699 on the Royal feasts, and then in General. This innovation provoked a storm of protest and disapproval, because long ankle-length beard was considered a sign of masculinity, a real man’s beauty and Holiness. To make you even more delving into the tragedy, I would say that this is the same what to cut off his penis. However, the higher nobility had already begun to shave and wear suits overseas for Peter Alexis. The priests had beards with no charge, while others were allowed to wear a beard for special consideration. Peasants did not care. Paid gave special bortovoy the sign. Beard, was a source of rotting food, parasites and not always pleasant smell, came to be considered indecent, but the Slavophiles revived this tradition by growing beards and wearing Russian national dress.

Kampfe Bros Star Safety Razor


19th century, or rather its end, scored the legendary razors from the Germans, the brothers Kemp, who patented his invention in 1880. The blade was sandwiched between two bands of forged steel. A big drawback of the blade was that it required a fixed point. Started to sell shaving kits, which included blades for the whole week (for hygiene), razor and a special attachment on the blade that it is safe. From a modern point of view, another extremely dangerous razor, which you can cut yourself just by looking at her. But the guys from Europe of the 19th century managed to shave these razors and not die, and you complain that she cut from razor. But the first razors from the camp did not anticipate that the shaver actually can change the blade set for the whole week — this is an improved version of this razor.

King razor, king camp Gillette


So, dude, Gillette is not the name of the company, and the name of the man who gave us one-off machines with replaceable blades. Honor and praise! This business brought him billions, king established when he was 50 years old. Prior to that, he worked as a salesman. Since childhood dude whose dad was the local dark genius, you invent something and did it. Wound across the country with products from the hardware store, Gillette pumped incredible skill of persuasion. All this time he had invented, sold, and was just making up nonsense, manifesting itself not only as a fine businessman, but also a clever inventor. Gilette struck only in 1885, when he was holding a razor from the camp. It dawned on me that running a razor blade only, and all the rest are useless for shaving. He realized that a razor must be easy and cheap, but the blades have to be expensive, sharp, relatively durable and… variables. But none of the experts of the time on metallurgy could not offer Giletto steel, which was cheap and totally satisfies its requirements. Six years, the future billionaire was looking for investors and a solution to the problem, until I met a mechanical engineer William Nickerson. Dude managed to solve the king’s dilemma and came up with the technology of building and the special sharpening of the blade.


Then the guys got a patent for his invention and founded his company. But it’s still going uphill. But the gift of persuasion giletta was able to attract investors. The first machine was sold grudgingly. In the first year sold only 51 machine and 168 blades. But next year more than a hundred thousand Americans bought new machines, and the profit exceeded $ 13 million. In the future, the company began to sell more than 3 million machines per year, making Gilette the richest man. Many have contributed to the rising popularity of razors the First World war and other war machines were cheap, comfortable and was warmly welcomed by the soldiers from different countries. The model itself is to sell the main product at a lower price (machines), but to inflate the cost of consumable goods (blades), has become very popular in the future. We can cite, for example, the sale of gaming consoles. Often the cost of the console low, at that time, as the cost of games is outrageously overpriced. Closer to 1970-m to year was invented disposable plastic razors. The very model of a T-shaped machine with a screw the two halves you probably saw the parents, I she even survived.


Women also decided to shave. If your underarms shaved is not always, but with legs, handles and partially with pubic hair had to removed as men become more demanding to clean. T-shaped machine was all good, that only still left cuts. Gillette was given a model for a female audience — Milady Decolletée, which was more convenient to use.


Razor Gillette has changed dramatically only in 1960-m to year, when blades were made of stainless steel. In 1971, replacing the traditional T-shaped razor razor came with two blades Trac II. The presence of a larger number of blades made shaving much more comfortable and less energy consuming. In parallel, the company has devised a special shaving soap, creams and gels. First, they were valued more than girls, but then men also tightened.

Electric razor

For most comrades is highly questionable, although many people love it. The first electric shaver appeared in 1920, was simply unrealistic long «tail» of the wire. Developed the first prototype of Colonel Jacob Schick. It was not satisfied that traditional shaving requires water and cream, which are not always available. The first razor used as much as two arms and was very uncomfortable. 1927 was marked by the fact that Jacob has invented a normal comfortable razor with movable blades. The first sale, as in the case of Giletta, did not bring Chic especially a lot of money. The razor was worth $ 25, today $ 350. Frankly, not enough. In the first year sold 3,000 units. By 1937, Schick had sold 1500000, earned $ 20 million and opened the market to «dry shave».

In 1940 appeared the first convenient shaver for women, as the hairiness of indecent peek-a-Boo fashion nylon stockings, like grass through the asphalt. 50-x rotary electric shaver is much more safe than usual. But in 1960, the Remington company, which produced and women’s razor has released the razor, which worked, as well as from the batteries and from the network, allowing you to charge batteries from a wall outlet. The wide spread of plastics and the discovery of new compounds has enabled to reduce the price of a decent electric razor.

The modern moment in the history of shaving was nothing radically new, except for all sorts of laser and photoepilation, after which nothing grows right after a nuclear explosion. Changing the number of blades and the variation of electric razors. Hipsters go back to shaving blades razors and razor blades camp, such as they are steeper shave.

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