The heroes series that we are influenced by

If the series a good story, well written dialogue, but absolutely disgusting main characters, no one will love. Most often it is to understand and create characters, in which… fall in love – not like a man, then… to whom you feel brotherly feelings and emulated. It is these characters we tried to take. Although we tried to limit ourselves to only those series that have not removed (Friends don’t count), still did not have enough space, so don’t be offended.

Frank Colombo Colombo


You may convince me that there is no one better than the detectives of «true detective». They are lovely, wonderful and beautiful, but no one in this world can compare with Frank Colombo. Thanks to him we learned that true detective is not pumped brutal, born of Stallone, Norris and Schwartz, capable with one blow to change the bandit’s face, and bandy-legged, clumsy klutz who constantly worries about his wife, and ready to go due to its wonderful intelligence to calculate the creep. Thanks Peter Falk, any detective, in our opinion, should be Smoking a cigar, wearing a crumpled raincoat and to be so unceremonious as possible.

Joe Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, «Friends»

When people were arguing about who was better: Joey or Chandler from «Friends». A definite answer cannot be given, each good in its own way. Joey, in your lovely and delightful idiocy, and Chandler at his wit and being homosexual. In a good series the main characters are, by definition, evoke sympathy. But these two are particularly good. As good as boring and uninteresting their partners like Courtney Cox. Don’t risk it all to want a friend like Joey Tribbiani, but other friends to advise you.

Gordon Shumway, «Alf»


The culmination of the alien drug, covered in shaggy body a charming stranger, whom everyone knows as alpha. But in fact he has the name of the noble Irish conductor-drunk – Gordon Shumway. Alf is an abbreviation for Alien Life Form – «extraterrestrial life form». The current generation of children doesn’t know who he is, and you woke up every Sunday to 11 am, just in time to watch the 30-minute series. That was a joy to watch as big-nosed, hairy dwarf from the planet Melmak trolls godly American family and issues are acute, which many modern writers of fantasy is not enough.

And by the way, he started wearing poofy bangs and flaunt the seals before it became mainstream. However, the seals he had a strange attitude: he wanted to plant them in one of their stomachs 8.

Hank Moody, «Californication»


To believe David Duchovny brilliant actor stupid and wrong, but the rogue still managed to create an image, which is zero at the end tried to meet every second unmarried virgin. However, the virgin thought the series tells about how to live and to entice the «Chicks» before the fall. Actually, it’s about self-destruction and loneliness, that to make mistakes Hank’s categorically impossible. Duchovny with this challenge, creating the image of a charming scoundrel, who sympathized and whom he respected men, and not very fond of TV viewer female. This great reference to the work and personality Bukowski was good until the third season, after the rock-and-roll enthusiasm and lovely smile through the tears dried up, replaced by vulgarity and outright nonsense.

But Hank remained positive right till the end, because the main reason we loved this show, left. We are talking about a signature phrase and expression, worthy of a place in the encyclopedia of aphorisms. Some of the phrases Hank is so good, that you feel like stuffing them into his tombstone.

Tony Soprano, «The Sopranos»


Santino Corleone, Michael Corleone, Vito Corleone, Tony Soprano… concrete deserves a place in this list of famous cinematic Italian mobsters. A story about everyday life of simple mafia clan, is so sunk into the soul of the audience, that even these deserve cancer personalities as presidents Bush and Clinton, imbued with the depth of the series. And the main character, Tony Soprano, showed that the real don can be not only a cruel despot, but a loving family man. In Tone it was impossible not to fall in love. How can you hate the man who put the ducks in his pool and loves so much rock?

My goodness gracious. good job to show that mobsters are people too and are often very vulnerable. Even if he bribes the politicians and the police, destroys unwanted. By the way, the most demanding audience – the Sicilian mafia – highly rated game of Gandolfini and even sent his congratulations. After this he do not care what you think about it.

John Michael Dorian, Scrubs


If grumpy pseudointellectual addict and the house is not very liked, JD from the clinic please everyone. For many, this role justifies the stay of Zack Braff on our planet. His character is so appealing, how much and silly. In any case, it fits perfectly into the kind and nice atmosphere of the series. Their tender feelings with «Chocolate bear» Turk, developing into ekologickou a song about the love of men, touched to the depths of the soul. Maybe somewhere there are doctors who speak Turkish, listen to Miley Cyrus and namyvayut the song of Toto «Africa», but our hospitals can’t be met. Which is a shame because we have plenty of grumpy, dishonest, and know nothing, just like in «Intern».

Roy Trenaman, «Computer Scientists»


In the series «Computer scientists» had many glorious freaks of all stripes, it’s hard to single anyone out. Remember only the father and the son Rangelov, which is great fun in its eccentricity. However, one of the computer scientists, Roy Trenaman, was somewhat closer to the people than anyone else. He, like many of us, wears a shirt with the emblems of different computer games, programmes, famous quotes. Likes to eat everything that is bad, loves games and read comics instead of working. He generally likes everything, but would not work. How to work if every second a fool complains about a broken computer, but it just not connected to the network. So, the show makes fun of office workers and technical support in particular, and often slips into slapstick, but the characters are very lively, and for that we love them.

Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott («the Office»


The eternal dilemma – who’s the coolest «Office»: Dwight Schrute or Michael Scott. Selection at the level that it is better: beer or beer. So include both, because without them the show would be at all interesting to watch. All the characters are bleak and dreary – typical office workers, and then silly and arrogant head of Scott with a Napoleon complex and the song «My Humps!» on the bell and ambitious Schrute, more like a maniac. Actually, who else could quote Mussolini at a ceremony of awarding the best Manager. Thanks to these nitwits to look at the routine office life fun. In General, very fun to watch sitcoms without the laugh track.

Is to say thank you to the actors for insults. Both tremendous professionals. But, unfortunately, Rayna Wilson’s not such a great career like Steve Carell.

Walter white, breaking bad


Well, where do without Batey Walt. The most popular show in the history of cinema tells the story of a man who for 62 series is transformed from a law-abiding father and a school teacher in the largest producer of methamphetamine in the continent. However, the series unwittingly brought meth to the rank of cult things, but convinced the audience of the main idea, which a red line runs through the entire series: for the family, you can do anything.

Very interesting to watch the character Cranston who finds self-justification even after the murder. Interesting drama about the wise men, unstable drug addicts and amazing personal transformation from a quiet chemist in terror of the authorities. But the amazing thing is that you yourself are making excuses for Walter white – that’s the power of charisma and fit the series.

Lorne Malvo, «Fargo»

Series based on the eponymous film by the Coen brothers 1996, describes the events in a small town in Missouri. A mysterious stranger, Lorne Malvo has amazing cruelty. Casual encounter Lorne with a modest insurance salesman Lester Nygaard produces at last a huge impression, and begin the adventure of heroes. In fact, the hero, Billy Bob Thornton (it is about Lorne) and there is a 50% success series, which many love more than the original film (but played terrible and amazing Peter Stromare). Stupid hair and excessive politeness only give the character a charm. After that, he can be forgiven even unplanned sending good characters to the light.

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