The heat is coming: three tropical cocktail

Do not underestimate the unpredictability of Russian spring. Yesterday was cold, all covered with snow, and today the sun came out and the roads are full of puddles, trees are in bloom… Necessarily believe in global warming or at least instability of our weather. In any case, spring is a good reason to forget about winter warming cocktails and to recall the warmth and, perhaps, rain. The body requires vitamins, and we can’t deny him that.

1. Tropical storm

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_Ju83Rp89qR9ziThey say that this cocktail originated in New Orleans. Enterprising bartender came up with a recipe for popularity, and only then to sell accumulated in his cellar rum. Nobody wanted to drink it pure, but in fruit rum drank instantly. Prepare in a tall glass, which is called hurricane.


– 2 parts of pineapple juice;

– 2 parts orange juice;

– 1 part light rum;

– 200 ml dark rum;

– 3 tablespoons Campari;

– a little red bitters;

the orange slice;



1. Pre-cooled glass hurricane.

2. Add ice in shaker all the ingredients.

3. Whisk thoroughly and pour into a glass.

4. Decorate with orange slice and drink.

2. Dr. Funk cocktails in General has always been peculiar. They are separate drinking culture, quite different from the traditional European. Take, for example, «Doctor Funk», which we do in a tall highball. We give a thorough recipe according to the canons.


– 40 ml Bacardi Superior rum;

– 20 ml Bacardi rum 8;

20 ml aperitif Suze;

20 ml fresh lime juice;

20 ml pomegranate syrup;

– 50 ml soda water.


1. Mix all ingredients, except soda, in a glass.

2. Pour the mixture several times from one beaker to another.

3. After you already pour the contents into a glass with crushed ice and add soda on top.

A cocktail is prepared by method Throw (Cuban Roll) in the two mixing glasses. All ingredients except the soda, mix in one Cup, several times and then pour the mixture from one beaker to another and back, while holding the utensil high over each other. The resulting drink is poured into a glass, pre-filling it with crushed ice to the top. Pour a soda, fill up with ice and decorate (umbrella/cherry/pineapple slice/ground pepper).

3. Zombies

Poradi.s. ua_4.03.2016_MLQu5pXV6tCc8Extremely popular cocktail of all Tiki party. Make it using regular light rum. Use a highball, buddy!


– 60 ml white rum;

– 15 ml cherry liqueur;

– 15 ml apricot liqueur;

– 5 ml Grenadine;

– 30 ml pineapple juice;

– 30 ml orange juice;

the orange slice.


1. Just add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and mix.

2. Pour into a glass and decorate with an orange slice.

Council for Tiki cocktails

Rarely in our time to find a bar that uses fresh juices for their cocktails. But the pioneers of the Tiki culture adopted it. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to grow roots citrus fruits, use them. The taste is very different from what you can create using packaged juices.

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