The headless body was considered a prank for Halloween

In the United States on the eve of all saints Day is celebrated with style and panache, competing only with Christmas. Pumpkin lanterns, spooky decorations — this is no surprise. So when residents of flats located in the area of long island (NY) found a headless corpse, the body of which was just underwear, they decided that it’s just another hoax, designed to intimidate the gullible public. One of the witnesses admitted that he laughed like an idiot when I saw the corpse. And another passer-by so amused that he kicked the severed head they found much later, at the other end of the city.

The victim was a sixty-year-old Patricia ward, whose body was discovered numerous bruises, stab wounds and multiple fractures. About 20 minutes after the body was discovered, police said that the nearest metro station under the train rushed 30-year-old man. This suicide was found dead the son of a woman who had a criminal past and drug problems. The police considers the version that the man killed his mother and then killed himself.

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