The harsh truth Russian crowdfunding

Hi, a young Freeloader, who does not want to look for a normal job. Today we wrote this text exclusively for you – someone who wishes to create and create for others. So we are talking about crowdfunding, which is firmly entrenched in our minds as one of the methods of earning good money for the creative body. However, if you take the Western market, the money is there, of course, a «donor» more and opportunities for the implementation of the maddest projects. In Russia all differently, and it is better to approach a very different region. We already wrote about how it all works. Now we based on the data about the most successful projects will tell you what works best. We hope our tips will be useful to you.

1. The truth about sponsors

manygoodtips.com_1.03.2016_l1L6rSL77ws2CIt is believed that the money for the projects are given some «intellectuals» who sit on the Internet and digging in search of original ideas.» In fact sponsors are always just people with money. No, they are not «unique» and understand your «big idea». It’s just men, ordinary men, who earn good money, have stable growth and excess money which they are not afraid to lose. Their Outlook on life is far from all «isms,» and the priorities never go to extremes. They, in their totality, the conservatives, even if they themselves do not think so.

2. Patriotism

What characterizes conservatives? Of course, the love of country and loyalty to government decisions. Why so many successful projects that go through the «Patriotic» theme. Example, here is the success of the fundraising for the movie «Prophetic Oleg» and «28 Panfilov». Currently, a considerable amount collects a computer game «Empire», which declares your patriotism. And here the quality of the final product leaves on the second plan, because often these things are funded by people who don’t play games. If you want to get money from people tell them what they like, and they will pay. Collect money on the original film with a great script, raise funds for Patriotic film that will teach mind-the mind is infinitely «rotten generation».

3. The social aspect

manygoodtips.com_1.03.2016_rm9SeV0mrto3lThe considerable part of projects is popular not because it creates something incredibly steep, but because the authors stuck to their offspring any «usefulness» to society. For example, people collect money for the commencement of any knitting shop where grandma needs to sew clothes, and other Souvenirs. And in any Uryupinsk. Sounds bad, right? Nobody is going to give their blood for such a thing. But try to include in the presentation the social aspect and the situation will change dramatically. Sponsor as a result of not just will give money to the organization Department, but also help to unemployed residents of a dying village.

People known to be fond of moral satisfaction is no less than material. So, if you are going to complete your project successfully, think about its usefulness. If there is no obvious good, suck it like it does many authors.

4. Animals

In Russian Internet there are quite painful phenomenon: when a person dies, nobody cares, but when the die is soft and cute animal, grieve the whole world. Perhaps we are accustomed to human death, and the mistreatment of animals can not get used, because the latter kind and can not defend themselves. Of course, many «entrepreneurs» take advantage of this. Animal theme is always in the top. A shelter for dogs, exhibitions of dogs, magazines for dogs if you arrange it right, then the necessary amount to gain is always possible.

5. Science

manygoodtips.com_1.03.2016_95EFk4gEQ5Vf6Ordinary people like you and me, want to leave their mark on history, at least a little. It is not surprising that when collecting money for the expedition, circumnavigation, or launch some satellites, wishing to lay his hands on. Here, of course, you need to have professional knowledge and understanding of what to do. But the earth of science has always been fertile, and the growth of its popularity (every year is observed), more and more projects gather your necessary minimum. Already two major projects scientific orientation (of Sputnik «Mayak» and the book is about the aerodynamic achievements of Russia) gathered together 2 million rubles. Because the collection time is not yet over.

6. The festival

Analyzed the phenomenon of the success of festivals and came to the following conclusion. Most of the box office doing big donors, if they are confident in the success of the project (they have their own interests in the plan), or more usually, the cashier creates a community of people who are interested in the topic. As, for example, in the case of the Russian-Asian Festival in Moscow RAMF. For the festival requires a million wood, but collected three times more. While the organizers were no major sponsor and the main «givers» were born out of this J-moving (anime, j-rock, manga, etc.), that is, if you have access to such vast reservoirs of society, then go ahead and try to monetize this thing.

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